Thursday 23 September 2021


 Good morning everyone welcome to Thursday's rant, today I am talking about mandatory stuff. Here it is becoming mandatory to be vaccinated against Covid 19 in order to keep a job or go out and do stuff. Tim says it's blackmail and yeah I get that but it is the way things are now.

I reckon no one likes being told what to do or feeling like they are being forced into doing something, I know I don't.

However, throughout time many things have suddenly become mandatory. Like the following..............

In 1973 it became mandatory or compulsory to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

It wasn't until 1935 that it became mandatory to have to sit a text to get a driver's license.

It wasn't till 1969 that it became compulsory to register all births and deaths.

In 1880 it was made mandatory that children aged 6-14 to attend school.

I could go but you get my drift, sometimes new rules/laws come about and often we won't like being told that now we have to do such and such but in time we will adjust.

Many of the things people would do before it was mandatory but it had to be made mandatory for the better of all.

Most people don't think twice about getting their children vaccinated, don't say that those vaccines have been around a long time because that wasn't always the case.

Like it or not this is life now.


  1. You are correct Jo-Anne.
    When I went to do my training as a Nurse years ago, I had to have the Smallpox and TB vaccination if I wanted to acquire a Nursing Degree - so I had them, didn't even wonder what was in those injections at all - you just had them to protect others because I wanted to help, keep people well.

  2. I agree that we all don't like being forced to do something which we are not sure of or comfortable with. Persuasion would be much better but with the cases increasing, they will have to resort to mandatory. We have to realize that it is not about ourselves but also the safety of others and those around us. I sympathize with parents worrying about their young children getting vaccinated but death of young children is worrying and scary too.

  3. Dear Jo-Anne, your phrase "better for all" pretty well sums it up for me. Peace.

  4. Margaret D.........Thank you, No one likes being made to do it but it is what it is

    Nancy.......It is a difficult time

    Dee.......It does

  5. Very well put! I know a lot of people who could use your wisdom!


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