Wednesday, 8 September 2021



Save A Life


Published: January 2016

You come to me crying, saying it's done,
That life is pointless, I shouldn't have one.

I tell you to stop, I beg and I plead.
You say the knife is your friend, it wants you to bleed.

But everyone here wants you to stay.
I'm crying, I'm shaking, please don't go away.

Life means so much; you just haven't found out.
So forget who planted that seed of doubt.

And as your knives and guns disappear,
Still know that I'll always be here.

I know what it's like, I've been through it all,
So hang on tight, I'm not gonna let you fall.

Reach for my hand, 'cause it's held out for you.
My shoulders are small, but you can cry on them too.

If you leave, you'll be missed by many,
Especially me, and I will not forget any

Of the moments we had, laughs we shared,
The times we needed each other when we were scared.

The world wouldn't be better if you left, but worse,
And so now it's time for me to reverse this curse.

I'll teach you how to save a life,
So unlike many, it won't have to end in strife.



Nancy Chan said...

A comforting poem. We all need a caring friend.

Margaret D said...

Interesting poem.

Juli said...

If only it was that easy.

felicia said...

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