Tuesday, 28 September 2021



Good morning all, been up since 4.30am and it is now 9am and time to write about an extreme creatures and this week it is the Lion's Mane Jellyfish.

The Loin's Mane Jellyfish is the largest jellyfish in the world, it's diameter of its body, or bell can be as long as a man and its tentacles can grow to the length of a cricket pitch. Not only is it truly enormous but it glows in the dark. They have a lifespan of only 12 months.

Not only do they have a nasty and painful sting but they can also sting after death.

Lacking brains, blood, or even hearts, jellyfish are pretty simple critters. They are composed of three layers: an outer layer, called the epidermis; a middle layer made of a thick, elastic, jelly-like substance called mesoglea; and an inner layer, called the gastrodermis.


  1. Oh dear the things in the sea are sometimes not good for us, yet they are so fascinating and often so beautiful.

  2. Pretty but scary! Wouldn't want to get stung by it!!

  3. OH my GOODNESS! Truly and really..I would never ever ever want to be around THEM!

  4. That last paragraph puts me in mind of a lot of people...

  5. My son got stung by a jellyfish swimming off of Cape Cod. Fortunately, it wasn't one of these gigantic things.


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