Saturday 11 September 2021



Saturday again up at 5.11 again, by 6.30 I had managed to wash dress and make breakfast on my own.

At 7.30 Tim stumbles out mostly asleep still, I was surprised as he usually gets up around 9am, he was looking at the clock so I told him the time. He thought it was midday, realising it wasn't he went back to bed. It was 9.30 when he did get up for the day.

Been another warm day.


Father's Day today and I don't have anything for Tim who feels that since he bought himself a new phone a few weeks back that, that is his Father's Day present.

A much cooler day and a bit windy but not too bad.

Managed to print off some letters tomorrow I will place them in their already addressed envelopes.

I am slowly starting to feel more with it after 11am, from the time I get up to 11am I am ok functioning normal like, I have motivation and get things done. After 11 nothing.


Had a decent nights sleep woke at 3 and at 4 got up at 4.50am just having breakfast and starting my day.

Wrote a couple more letters and put the ones printed in envelopes now I just need stamps and someone to post them.

Been a cool day but no windy.


Slept well, got up at 3.30 to pee and then managed to dose on & off till 4.50am. Now ready for the day.

While going to the toilet I knocked over a candle and smashed part of the glass. I managed to clean it up on my own.

Tim left early for work as he needs to take the car to an auto electrician as the other night when he came home from work in rain the windscreen wipers would not turn off he called the NRMA and they did something to turn them off. I hope it is going to cost much to repair.

Wrote and printed 3 more letters.

Tasha has gone to clean Kelli's house, so Jess is going to put me to bed


A new day has arrived for me, I am up washed and dressed for the day.

Yesterday afternoon I put one of the staysharp into its sharping part upside down and it got stuck. Neither me nor Leo could budge it. However this morning Tasha bashed the end of it 3 times and pulled it out.

Leo is in a sad mood this afternoon but when asked if everything was ok he said he was just tired.

At one point school was on a break and he was flying his drone and it got stuck on their carport roof, thankfully Leo has no problem getting up there and retrieving it.

Saw Dave & Dawson when they came to borrow the trailer, it was good seeing them.


Had a good night sleep, now awake and dressed for the day.

No motivation today, checked emails, sorted laundry, read blogs, vacuumed out but didn't do much else.

A pretty warm day.


Up at 5.10 and after a shower I was dressed and ready for the day. Going to be another warm day.

Sent Kathy-Lee a birthday message she is 36 today.

I got Tasha to get me a prepaid parcel post bag so I can send Jeannie her birthday present.

Not warm but very warm day.

Leo has decided that he wants to earn some money by helping out friends and family by doing yard work and other little jobs around the house. He kicked this off by mowing our back yard after he cleaned it up.



  1. During this pandemic, nothing much is happening around here too except to keep updated on the news. Even the pandemic news are getting boring too. It is good for Leo to have job to do to earn some money.

  2. "...up to 11am I am ok functioning normal like, I have motivation and get things done. After 11 nothing."

    Count this as a win. Give yourself a break. Some good is good. 😊

  3. Good for Leo.
    You got quite a few letters written.
    What is a staysharp?

  4. I have days where I feel as if I could move mountains. Unfortunately, those days do not add up to much. Most of the time, I force myself to get things done. I never was like that when I was younger.

  5. Nancy......So true, Leo is all for earning money

    Sandi......I try to thing positive

    Rita......Yes so true, a staysharp knife is a knife that is stored in it;sd own sharpner and is sharped every time it is insetered or removed

    Debby........Same here

  6. I was also going to ask about the staysharp but I saw your answer. A few hours of feeling normal during the morning seems to me to be a triumph.


  7. I was wondering too what a Stay Sharp is. Sounds lime not too bad a week. And I like tat Leo wants to earn a little money on his own. He has chosen a good way to do it, too.

  8. Sounds like a pretty decent week!

  9. Janie.........Yes morning are good

    Rambington........Yes I agree with all that

    Chris...........It was


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