Saturday, 4 September 2021



Another rough night had to get up after a couple of hours for a couple of hours.

I then had to go to the loo before Leo put me back into bed, I then slept till 4am when I needed to get Tim to help me out of bed in order to pee. I managed to get back into bed but half an hour I needed his help to get up again, as I was shaking terribly from head to toe.

I was so bad I rang Tasha who came and helped.

Having a restless day asking for help a lot, frustrating Tim.


Had a better night, still woke at 4.30am but I had slept well.

Tasha came down and gave me a smoke which helped a lot.

Tim has done a few jobs around the house. Tasha helped him change the rollers on the front sliding door.

Tim has sent off some emails to some Occupational Therapists to try and find one for me.

Mostly a lazy day


Slept in till 5.45am which was a shock to me and Tasha.

There was an incident last night the woman/bitch in unit 14 started having a go at Tim when he was out the front having a smoke. She was yelling and swearing telling him to get inside, he gave her the finger.

She then had a go at Jess and called Leo a retard.

Tasha took me to have my knees Xrayed.

Had a phone call from an occupational therapist she said she will contact my GP and get back to me in a few days.

Been a better day


Up at 5.10am, washed, dressed and ready for the day.

Started a letter but didn't get very far with it as no concentration

A nice day spent doing nothing.


Had a good night, woke at 3am needing to pee but decided to try and hold on to 5am, however, after what felt like 5 minutes I decided I really needed to go. After I r returned to the bedroom I realised it was 4.30 so I decided to stay up.

Leo hasn't dawdle getting ready for school since the start of lockdown.

A warm day, I was able to wash and hang sheets on the line, well Tim did.


Had a good night, also had a nice hot shower this morning.

Last night I remember Tim telling me light in the kitchen had gone and he would replace the tube in the morning. However, this meant it was dark when Tasha got my breaky.

Been a warm day, Leo had the day off school as the online learning is getting to him.


I woke at 4am, thought I would give it an hour before getting up. However, my bladder thought different so at 4.15 I got up. I was washed and dressed for the day when Tasha arrived. I am in shorts as supposed to be warm again.

Been a good day managed to write 4 letters.



Nancy Chan said...

Some nights I will sleep through till 5am or 6am. There are nights that I will wake up once or twice to relieve myself. As we age, we don't sleep as soundly as we used to. Hope you will get a good occupational therapist.

CWMartin said...

Sorry to hear about your neighbor. Too many people with nothing better to do but hate and argue.

Debby said...

Argh! Bad neighbors can be stressful.

diane b said...

I'm glad that your family are looking after you. Hopefully the OT will help.

Ramblingon said...

How horrible to have such a neighbor!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Nancy.......So true and I h ope so too

Chris........That's for s ure

Debby........They can be

Diane B.......Thanks, me too

Ramblinton.......That she is

felicia said...

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