Saturday 27 February 2021

Just Another Week


Had a sleep in woke at 7am and got straight up, managed my own breakfast.

Kathy and Summer arrived around 9ish to shower me and do the ironing.

Gave Summer her birthday present a jewellery making kit. She loved it. Her birthday is tomorrow.

Been a nice day not hot nor cold.

Mum was telling me about when she meet Dad again, and how he wanted to pass first as he didn't think he would cope without mum.

Woke at 6.30 and out of bed 10 mins later, Tim was up getting dressed for work.

Been a hot day, needed the A/C on, as I was drenched in sweat.

Gave Daemon his birthday card with a $10 gift card in it. It is his birthday tomorrow.

Mum was rambling a bit she sounded ok just rambling but I am ok with that.

Woke before the alarm at 6am when Tim's alarm went off.

A workman came and asked if he could park his ute in our carport and I said he could. 10 minutes later Tim came home and was pissed that he couldn't park there. I yelled out that I had said he could park there. Then he was pissed with me saying I shouldn't had said yes, I said nothing.

I later told him I did not appreciate how he spoke to me.

He was ok when he left for work again.

Been hot enough for A/C

Woke at 5.59am just before Tim's alarm went off, it was very dark outside and cold, also raining on and off. Still managed to go with Leo to meet his driver.

Tim home for a bit, he has a split shift.

Raining this afternoon so Tasha meet Leo.

Short chat to mum this afternoon as the lawn blokes turned up and it was hard to hear even though I had the doors shut.

Woke around 5ish and got up when Tim did at 5.30

Had a washed and opened the house then went to attempt to dress myself, managed underwear and had shorts half pulled up when Tasha arrived to help.

Yesterday afternoon Sandy asked me if I could print something and Zac picked up the papers this morning.

Mum went to the JHH to see a cardiologist and left thinking what was the point of that visit. She said she thought he was a bit slack.

Decided to change from listening to a book on my table to listening through the CD player via USB the tablet keeps freezing and taking ages to load and it was pissing me off.

Later start, 5.50 this morning, after another restless night. A warm day with me sweating as usual.

I ironed Jess's work shirt just in case she works Saturday.

I changed the towels not the ones we use in the bathroom but the ones I use outside under the chair I sit in to watch the traffic and relax. As I sweat so much I need something to walk on so I don't get dirt and grit on my feet.

Tasha came down at 2.30 to give me a shower.

Left at the usual time to meet Leo only to find him outside his house, what the hell.............

he must have left early.

Woke with the alarm, up washed and ready for the day.

Another warm day, Tim home for a bit he has a split shift.

Mum said she had a bad day yesterday as Michelle was going off about what Dawson buys from Chrisco. However, who wants to spend money on someone who opens a present looks at it says “nice, thanks” takes gift home were it sit on the floor untouched for months. Also Dawson is turning 22 in 2 months.

Leo said this afternoon he doesn't like school I hope it was just that he had a bad day.


  1. Sounds like you are having a lot of warm days. I'm not thrilled with the heat, either. It makes the hot flashes worse for me.

  2. Sounds like changing weather. Nice then hot then cold then hot again. Weather changes here a lot, too. :)

  3. When you've been with someone so long like your mom and then lose them, I bet a lot of good times and otherwise forgotten conversations play in your mind.

  4. Mama.........The heat leaves me drenhed in sweat

    Rita.......That's for sure

    Chris.......yeah mum thinks of dad all the time

  5. How hot does it have to be for you to turn the air conditioning on? We've had lovely, warm weather this week, but not warm enough for me to turn on the AC. I like opening the windows and letting in some fresh air. A lot of people here go straight from heat to air conditioning and never open their windows even on the most beautiful days.


  6. Happy birthday to Summer and Daemon. The weather here is very hot, haven't rained for many weeks. Everything we need the air-con to sleep.


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