Saturday 20 February 2021

Another Week Of My Life


Woke at 6ama, had to pee so got up. Found the washing machine going so Tasha had been.

I get my own breakfast on Saturdays as it is Tasha's morning off.

Tim had a phone call last night from his supervisor telling him that his drivers authority has been cancelled. What the hell....

Tim has gone to Service NSW they think the medical form got lost in cyberspace.

He will have to contact the transport people on Monday but he cannot work till it is sorted out.

It has rained most of the day.

I woke at 6.40 so a bit of a sleep in.

It is Tasha's birthday she knows what I ordered and understands that it hasn't arrived.

Tim is shortening some of my long pants, turning them into shorts, with me sweating so much I wear knee length or ¾ length pants all the time now. Also I often find it difficult to get shorts the right length and size.

I woke with the alarm this morning, a cool dry day so far. Tim rang up about his DA and it should be all sorted in a day or so.

He has taken a Dr's certificate for 2 days off work due to a flare up of gout.

Jess needs to return the new vacuum cleaner as it was smoking when Leo went to use it.

Tasha said it is ok just smells new to her, Tim said the same but she can do what she likes.

Woke at 6am got up and opened the house up then Tasha arrived. Raining this morning but I still managed to go with Leo to meet driver.

Tree remove people turned up remove o r trim trees in the park area. 3 or 4 large trucks with equipment.

One [oece of equipment got bogged and they had to get a big ass truck into remove it.

Woman in unit 114 was outside watching and taking photos.

Mum asked me if I would like to go with her & Sandy to see Jeannie and her house, we haven't seen her house sine she moved into it.

I am excited about going.

Tim goes back to work tomorrow

Woke at 5.25am tried to lay there till 6am but I really needed to pee so got up.

Opened the house and as getting thing ready in the kitchen when Tash arrived in a mood. She said I should had rang her when I got up but I do not want to do that.

Sandy picked me up and we went to Jeannie's, she has a nice house, I liked it, there is a nice back yard as well.

Tim back at work this afternoon.

Woke at 5.40am and got up as needed to pee. Opened the house and sent Tasha a text letting her know.

A bit of rain around mid morning, heavy at timed.

Tim left for work an hour earlier then needed.

Mum was ok today, rambling a bit but of.

Awake at 4.30, managed to doze a bit till 5.30 when I decided to get up . Sent Tasha a text letting her know I was up at around 6ish.

I had opened the house and started getting thing out ready to prepare breakfast.

Had a heavy down pour at 7am and again at 9/30. I was able to take Leo this morning.

Tim picked up his bike, he is pleased with it more or less.

Ordered new school boots for Leo


  1. Sounds like a lot of rain last week.
    I hope you have a good weekend. :)

  2. Good that Tim got back to work. Happy birthday to Tasha. I too prefer to wear shorts because our weather is hot.

  3. What a jolt to TIm to hear his authority had been cancelled for a time. I hope he knew why . I also hope all is well now and he is back at work.
    Jo-Anne do you know what is causing the sweating? Have your medical people even tried to address that for you? You have to be concerned about dehydration, surely?

  4. Well, other than Tim's job scare, that seemed like a fairly good week! I know mine was certainly better than last- especially the day off for snow!

  5. Rita.....It was and I did

    Nancy.....Tim is so so about going back to work he was getting bored while off

    Katie......My GP hasn't been able to find a cause and has said it is the Parkingson's I don't have

    Chris......It was a good week


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