Monday 19 May 2014

Walking dramas, a sick Leo and a motorhome for sale

Hello everyone, here it is Monday again.
How was your weekend?
Oh yeah some of you are still having a weekend?

Anyway mine was good, although yesterday morning didn't kick off well, I went for my usual morning walk and I was about half way through the walk when I started to feel light headed and my legs felt like they were going to give way on me. Since I walk past a dental surgery I thought I would detour and sit for a bit on the steps of the dental surgery, remember it was Sunday so I was expecting the dentist to be closed.

Anyway someone came out of the dentist and asked me if I was alright, yeah they were open, that was a shock anyway as I was saying someone came out and helped me inside gave me a cup of water and asked if they could ring someone to come and get me. So I gave them my mums phone number and they rang mum who rang Kelli who came and got me and brought me home.

I didn't feel very good all day, I went over to my parents place for lunch and as I was walking out to get in the car I again felt like headed and unsteady so Kelli ended up driving us over to mums. I did manage to help mum cook lunch well by help I opened the frozen roast potatoes and put them in the airfryer and when they were done I took them out and put them in a tray and into the oven to keep warm.

When I got home in the afternoon the first thing I did was go in and have a nap, after my nap I was feeling much better.

Today when I went for my morning walk there was no problem.

In other news Little Leo was sick yesterday, Jessica said he was running a temp and was very tired only wanting to lay in bed and do nothing for most of the day.
There was vomiting as well but thankfully he made it to the toilet each time so nothing to clean up.

Although he was fine this morning and he went to school as usual, last night Kelli, Jono and their boys stayed at Jessica's place.

My dad has decided to sell his motor home as he is unable to drive it any more and it is just sitting there and he would rather sell it and have the money. So yesterday he had my brother and Tim over there to help polish it, although on Saturday he managed somehow to wash it himself although it took a lot out of him and after he was finished he was having trouble breathing, in fact he didn't wash all of him my sister Sue went and helped him finish it off as he had done about ¾ of it and was unable to do the rest of it.


  1. I hope all are well soon! Please be careful~

    1. I will be, I have started taking my phone with me when I go for my walk

  2. Poor Leo, but I'm very concerned about you feeling lightheaded. Perhaps you should be checked by a doctor.


    1. If it happens again I will go and see the doctor to have it checked out

  3. I agree with Janie. You should see a doctor just to be safe!! Better safe than sorry



  4. Ahh Jo-Anne, take care of yourself. I wonder if you had the same bug as Leo? I hope everyone feels better soon. Hugs from Oklahoma.

  5. Sounds like maybe a virus is going around your family. Hope everyone is feeling better now.

    1. Yeah think it was a virus, dad is still unwell and Dawson is still sick me I am ok

  6. I agree, you should get checked out to be safe. Good you're taking a phone with you now.

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