Thursday, 8 May 2014

Leo's Mother's Day Stall and more

Well it's another cold and wet day here but only showering on and off, so I have to use the clothes dryer to dry the clothes but such is life. Tim is asleep on the lounge next to me but only for another half hour when I will wake him to go back to work, he will be taking the car to work this afternoon because he will not be home till really late, like midnight late.

This morning Jessica dropped Leo of she was running late, so she dropped him off and left for work but 10 minutes later she was back the little girl she drives today didn't go to school. So she was able to drive Leo to school and she will pick him up from school this afternoon since I will not have a car.

Now when she dropped him at school they walk in and she asks Leo if he wants to go and play before school and what did he do, run of and didn't look back when she left there was no hug or kiss, these days are rare but Jessica was upset about how he ran off and didn't seem to want to give her a hug or kiss before she left. He is growing up and these days will happen from time to time.

Today is the Mother's Day stall at Leo's school so I gave him $10 to get something when Jessica was talking to him about it he said he wanted to get something for her and for nanna, Jessica said he might be able to only get one gift and he said he would have to get something that me and her could share. Jessica said but I am mummy shouldn't you get me a present and he was like but what about nanna I have to get nanna a present...............I think Jessica was a little upset that he was so worried about getting nanna a present.

I can tell you I will be surprised if Natasha gives me a Mother's Day present I think it is better if I don't get my hopes up that way I am less likely to be let down and disappointed.

I know that Natasha and Blain are not coming out for lunch on Mother's Day but that is ok I didn't expect them to come, and since they are not going we have asked if she can watch Leo while Jessica comes out since it would cost Jessica $17.50 for Leo and he will not eat that much and it seems like a waste of money. Natasha hummed and arred about taking him but in the end said she would.


Janie Junebug said...

It's sweet that Leo wanted to get a gift for you. I hope Jessica can learn to be grateful that Leo is becoming independent.


Shelly said...

That was so sweet that he so wanted to get you a present, too!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Jessica is proud of the type of little boy he is, so loving and caring

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yes it is sweet but when it came to it he spent all the money on his mums gift because as he said "it's mum and she gets the best"

Cperz said...

Did you think I had died as I have gotten so behind in my blog reading. I hope your Mother's Day was nice. I have been terribly busy but did have a nice brunch out with my daughter and her family. I hope to get back to reading blogs over the next few days.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

No didn't think you died just thought you got buried in work and

felicia said...

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