Thursday 1 May 2014

Parents...............I Don't See Mine as Old, How About You

Love and appreciate your parents.

We are often so busy growing up; we forget they are also growing old.

My parents are now in their 70's but I do not think of them as old, my mum is a very active woman still driving children to school and watching toddlers and babies nearly every day of the week. In fact mum gets up at 5.45am most morning except on the weekend when she will sleep in till around 7am.

My dad was really active too, till he had lung cancer in 2009 and since then he has gone down hill and is no way as active, yes there are even times when he moves like an old man this is due to the fact that his feet are not good any more, since he had radiation treatment his feet are often painful and he finds it painful to walk or stand for any length of time.

Mum's memory is pretty good at times I think it is better then mine, however, the same can't be said about dads memory. Dad has moments when he can't remember people's names or mum telling him something and those moments are getting more and more.

My father's parents died in their 70's and my mother's father was in his 70's when he passed away but her mother is still alive she will be 93 at the end of this month, I can see my mum living to be in her 90's easy.

Do you see your parents as old, or are you like me and just don't see them ageing?


  1. My dad turned 79 last month and my mom turned 76 yesterday...NO i don't think of them as old!! My mom is a cancer survivor, and while it knocked her down a bit, she's still going strong! My dad is like a little kid. He still plays with all his toys and works out in his shop. Just takes him a little longer to finish things. :)


    1. That is great that your parents are still active even if a bit slow

  2. Both my parents are in their 70's, too, and like you, I just don't see them as old. I hope I never do.

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