Sunday 11 June 2023

Week 23 of 2023

I I am doing a casserole for lunch as it is Jessica's birthday on Tuesday and that is her favourite meal that I make.

Kathy came for lunch but Tasha is pretty sick with the flu. Even Tim ate some of it and he doesn't like casserole. Sam came over and tried the casserole and liked it he had two bowls.

Kathy isn't happy with work at the moment in fact she is rightly pissed off and I understand why. Although I am not going into here.

Not a cold morning which is good but had to restart the computer in order to get my office program to work, all good now.

Kathy is off work today she isn't feeling well.

Sandy came over to see me this morning.

My back is aching a lot.

Another warm day.


Tim was up and in the kitchen cooking himself bacon and eggs for breakfast when I got up. By the time I had my morning wash he was done cooking and eating, when I asked how was it he said it was crap and he didn't like it.

It is a colder morning but not cold enough for the heater.

Tim went to rehab and also spoke to his surgeon about getting his DA back but no, not going to happen till his hand is all better and working how it should. This wasn't a surprise to me and Tim said he was expecting it but I am not so sure he was.

Colder this morning, turned the heater on for 30 minutes while I had a wash and got my fruit for breakfast.

Tim is in a right mood today snapping at me about little things. At one point he suggested we watch Ghost Adventures but after 15 minutes he got up and walk out of the room. I thought he had gone to the toilet but he didn't come back I went looking for him and found him sitting outside in the sun. When I found him I said he could have told me. He didn't get why I was annoyed.

It was a cold morning and when I was getting my fruit Tasha walked in with some washing to toss in the dryer which didn't bother me as the dryer heated the room up. It would have pissed Tim off.

Thankfully Jess is home as Sam's phone went straight to voicemail so I sent her a text to go and wake Sam.

Tim had an appointment with the podiatrist I have been telling him he should see one as he is unable to cut his own toe nails and it isn't a task any of our girls will do. He was pleased he went didn't cost him anything as our GP put him on a care plan.

Tim is also complaining a lot about how little the girls do to help us but really we don't much help well I no longer need as much help as I did a year ago.


Had a shocking nights sleep it was ok for a few hours till 10.40pm when I got up to pee but after that it took me over 3hrs to settle back down, I got up to pee again at 3.50am and went back to bed till 5am when I got up.

Damn it is cold this morning and I have the hiccups and it is so annoying.

Tim off to see our GP this morning and to take more paper work into work he is off now till the 24 July.

I need a little help at the end of my day with my bedtime routine but the way Tim acts like I need a lot more help then I do.

Had a better nights sleep woke to another cold morning. I considered getting up later but no still got up at 5am.

I have a lot of back pain today and can't sit without pain.

Tim has been sitting out in the sun a lot today. I would like to also but not so easy for me plus we only have one decent chair out there.

Staying up later then normal and I have started doing my exercises earlier in the day as I find that between 1 & 2pm when I sit in my armchair I have no back pain and feel comfortable. So I don't want to get up and go and do my exercises and stay seated till I am ready to get ready for bed.


  1. Sounds like you're going through a rather rough patch right now, Jo-Anne. Hang tough!

  2. A lot of anniversary dates here, happy birthdays and congrats! I hope Tim can keep it together until he gets to work again.


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