Thursday 29 June 2023

Thursday's Word of the Week

 Another bloody cold morning I am so over the cold and it isn't even the coldest month yet, well it is Thursday and time for the word of the week and this week's word is: Stoop

Bend Down

Walk with shoulders habitually bent forward

Descend or lower ones self

Lower one's standards or morals

Small porch or stairs leading up to an entrance of a property


  1. I never had heard of Lake Hillier until I read a blog post

    Have you ever been there? I never had heard of it. Wow a pink lake.

    1. I have heard of the pink lake but never seen it

  2. Another short word with lots of meanings.
    Blessings, Jo-Anne!

  3. Also, at least here, and rarely, short for "stupid"...


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