Monday 7 November 2011

The problems with our Little Leo

At last I am getting around to writing about our little Leo who on Friday was sent home from Day Care because of his behaviour, he was very aggressive throwing things around hitting and spitting at people. Also on the Thursday he upturned a table because he didn't get his own way............

So I have made a doctors appointment for him next Thursday which is the first step in trying to find out if there is some reason for his behaviour..............such as ADD or ADHD or ODD or even as the director of the day care suggessted a mild form of Autism or even Bipolar.

Yesterday while he was here for a while he was fine playing with Sydney no problems then he wanted a toy that Sydney had and papa told him no Sydney had it and it was like a switch was flicked and he became very angry he pushed a table into Sydney and made her cry and when he was told to say sorry he became even more angry and started hitting and kicking and spitting and telling us he hated us and wanted to get a knife and kill us because we were bullies and mean, this went on for about 25 minutes then he was fine again and went looking for Sydney to say sorry but by then Kathy & Syd had left

His behaviour is really draining for Jessica she is often in tears not knowing what to do why he will not eat, or do as he is told. He is nearly 4 and not toilet trained he knows how to go to the toilet but he just won't if we sit him on the toilet to do a poo he will just sit and play then as soon as he gets off he will poo...........sometimes he will go to the toilet for a wee on his own but not very often.......

I hate seeing Jessica so distraught and crying and feeling like there is nothing I can do to help her.


  1. I am sorry to hear this about your little Leo. This is not normal behavior and you need to definitely take him to a doctor for help. It has gone on much too long if he is four. Take care and thanks for visiting.

  2. Sorry to read the news about your grandson. Pleased you made an appointment for him to see the Dr. to see what's wrong...Good luck.

  3. sorry to read about your grandson's poblems. i've been down that road myself and it is not easy. my oldest was ADHD and was one with many of the same issues you describe. he's 33 and doing well but he had a lot of counseling and medication as a child. he's learned to live with his 'differences' and has done quite well for himself (career-wise). he still struggles with social issues and i think he's probably more of an asperger's personality than an ADHD personality.

    leo is probably very smart and is pulling your chain with the toileting. my son did the same and now his son is doing it. they know exactly how to get to you. "when" and "where" they use the bathroom is totally in their control and you can do nothing about it; they know this and it's the one area of their lives they are totally in control of.

    a trip to the doctor is probably very much in order. ADHD is very hard to accurately diagnose before age 4 because kids (as a rule) are very inquisitive and on the go all the time. by the time kids are Leo's age it should be easier for the doctor to analyze and diagnose. one thing you'll probably get is paperwork for you all to fill out regarding his behavior at home. the daycare will get the same paperwork. the doctor will compare the answers and see how they stack up with each other. lots of other things go into it, but that's a start.

    there are a lot of good medications on the market these days to treat ADHD but each has its own set of possible side effects.

    good luck to you all.

  4. Oh, Jo-Anne.
    I was really impressed with Teresa's comment. As she says, with doctor's help; your Leo should be OK; thank God you did make the appointment!!!
    Good Luck and I AM keeping my fingers for things will work well!!!
    Blessing to you, Orchid*

  5. Oh, Jo-Anne, I am so sorry to hear this. I can believe how upsetting, worrying and draining it must be for all of you, but you have taken the best course of action by making that doctor's appointment. I know it's probably not going to be an easy path, but once the problem has been correctly assessed and diagnosed, then Leo can start receiving the appropriate treatment and counselling/care. My thoughts are with you and his Mum!

  6. hi Jo-Anne, glad you made an appointment for Leo. i would also look at diet. it's very important and has made huge differences with this sort of behaviour. additives and colouring etc. processed foods are full of chemicals and can make behaviour problems like this much worse. hopefully the dr will mention it. i hope he improves with treatment soon.

  7. I hope that you get some answers and that the doctor is able to refer you to the right people.

  8. I too raised an ADHD son but some of what you are saying here doesn't sound like it's just that. That's what the experts are there for. To diagnose and steer you in the direction you need to go. I'm sure a lot of research will be needed and perhaps specialized day care dealing with him at this age but who knows. Wait and see and pat yourself on the back for being a GREAT grandma and mom. It's not easy.

  9. Back from my travels and now busy catching up with blog reading. You have been having an up and a down time while I have away by the sounds of things. I hope things get sorted for you all.

  10. I'm so sorry Jo-Anne. I know this situation is really tough, but maybe Leo is extremely bright and is easily bored so he causes trouble to amuse himself and get a reaction from the rest of you.


  11. LV.........Yes we all know that his behaviour is not normal and we are hoping the doctor will start us on the path to get help.

    Whiteangel.......Yes not good news but we are hoping to get some good news when we see the doctor.

    Teresa........Thank you so much for all your support and advice I do hope this doctor we are seeing will be helpful I have heard good things about him so fingers crossed the appointment will be productive.......

    Orchid......Thank you for your support yes Teresa has left a great comment offering a lot of good advice and support.

    Desiree.........I have no doubt it will be a rocky road but we have to start somewhere and I do believe that with help he will be fine....he has a loving supportive family.

    Yevisha.......I have tried to talk to his mum about his diet but it was like talking to a brick wall she just didn't get it all I can do is hope the doctor will be able to get through to her......

    Bubbles.......We have to have faith in that the doctor will be able to help us

    Barb.......I also think it isn't just ADHD as everything I have read about it tells me that it is more then likely a bit more complicated. I think having a loving a supportive family is a big plus for him

    LindyLou.........Oh yeah ups and downs but such it

    LOLA......Leo has always been a bright boy now he is just also a distructive but we love him and we will do whatever it takes to help him

  12. Oh gosh. That's hard. There could be so many things that are upsetting the little one or he could actually have a condition. it's so tough to say. Good luck with all of that! He is a handsome little devil, isn't he?

  13. Oh wow. Good luck and I do hope you get some answers. It could also be some sort of food allergy. My friend's daughter would go CRAZY if she had anything with some kind of red food dye in it. You just never know, do you?

  14. wow so sorry to hear this i hope you are able to get some answers from the doctors. i knoit must be hard on everyone. sending prayers your way

  15. Crystal.......Yes it is hard on all of us we just do not know what to do for the best. We are just hoping to get pointed in the right direction tomorrow.......

    Green Girl........I tried to explain about how food additives can affect his behaviour but she didn't see to get it.........

    Becca........Yes it is hard on everyone


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