Monday 14 November 2011

My Weekend

How was everyone's weekend mine was pretty good we had Jessica and Leo here Friday night as Jes wanted to me and her to go and do some Christmas shopping on Saturday morning which we did leaving Leo with his papa. She spent close to $300 but it happy with what she got she still needs to get some more things.........Now before we went shopping we asked Tim to watch Leo telling him we would be gone around about 2hrs and he was fine with that but after and hour & a half he rings wanting to know how much longer we will be as he was out helping Tasha with something and wanted us to come and get

Jes had to go out Saturday night and I had agreed to watch Leo for her so Saturday night it was just me and Leo here and he was for the most part a good boy he ate his tea no problem and after a bath he settled down pretty good, not great but good...........he was in bed and asleep by the time his mum got home but then again so was I as she didn't get home till close to midnight.......

Sunday, however, was not a good day she said she had to go out again and she asked her sister Kathy to watch Leo, now Kathy thought she was watching him for something like 2hrs or so but after 3hrs she came here with Leo as she was so tired she didn't feel like she could watch him for mum longer after being here about and hour she and Sydney left and went home and I kept Leo till his mother picked him up 3hrs later so all in all she had been gone 7hrs.................and I was not happy and she knew it and yes she did say sorry she didn't think she would be so long but still I was really pissed off when she got here.......

Thankfully it doesn't take me long to get over things and not long after she left I was in a better mood, being home alone to watch my shows and just chill helped..........

This morning I have Sydney as I do every Monday and she is good but she always is at the moment she is watching Play School................


  1. Sounds like a wonderful, child free weekend for Jessica. She sure does have a nice family to watch Leo all that time. Glad you got to relax and watch your shows. :)

    Hope it's a great week!

  2. I would have been pissed off too Jo-Anne. It's one thing to ask a favor and it's another to take advantage. I remember when my son was little, if I had a babysitter once in 2 months that was a lot. Times have changed I guess. Glad you got some rest in there! Hugs.

  3. My weekend was fabulous....
    1. I slept in yesterday.
    2. I blogged/worked on my book for several hours.
    3. Went to dinner with Mrs. Penwasser.
    4. Went shopping with Mrs. Penwasser (payback for getting dinner).
    5. Watched television.
    6. Went to bed.
    7. Woke up (I'm thinking that would go without saying).
    8. Raked leaves.
    9. Burned wood which fell down in the yard during a storm.
    10. Whacked myself in the testicle when I got too exuberant breaking said wood (I know..."wood").
    11. Laughed because, even though it hurt hell, it must've looked hilarious!
    12. Watched my daughter win a soccer (football) game.
    Watched the New York Giants lose a football (American football) game.
    13. Ate supper.
    14. Blogged some more.
    All in all, a smashing success.

  4. glad you had a chance to watch your shows and chill! Hope you have a great week!

  5. SkippyMom.......Yes I agree I think Jes must have had a great weekend she did tell me thank you for watching Leo over and over which made me feel good but I was still annoyed with her

    Barb.......Even though Jes said thank you and that she loved me for taking care of Leo I still felt taken advantage of

    Al.....You crack me up thank you for makeing me laugh today

    Jilda......I have to think that it will be a great week other wise it will not be if that makes sense...

  6. It's tough to volunteer to watch someone's kid if they overstay their welcome...I had two people who did this to me and I quit being willing to watch their kids. A couple hours would turn into my whole day and I have a life too!

  7. Gosh, being gone for 7 hours was just taking the mickey a little bit, wasn't it?! Still, as long as she had a good weekend!! You're such a good mum and grandma my friend, but then, we all do our best, don't we? Glad you got some 'me' time to finish off the weekend. Wonderful!

  8. Green Girl...........Yes I think my girls know that mum is a soft touch

    Thisisme.....Thank you I do love my girls but at times the do push their luck.


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