Wednesday 9 November 2011

Nanna is a softy on a hot day and little Leo sleeps a lot

Today is yet another bloody hot day, the type of day that makes me happy to be able to just stay home with the A/C going watching telly or blogging and not having to worry about anything............
yes that is the type of day today is, however, while I was out this morning only went out so I could put the bill for my dentures into Medicare so that the dental technichion could be paid.........

Ok point is that while I was out I get a phone call from Jessica wanting to know if I could pick Leo up from day care, he was being sent home again for being to aggressive..........grrrrrrrrrrr

I had to do it as I was the one with the car seat, so I go and get him and he is asleep when I get there and stayed asleep on the way home and stayed asleep until 2.20pm nearly 3 hours........So guess who will be in for a late night.

I was also told not to take him in the morning to day care until after his doctors appointment so bloody annoying like anything is going to change straight after we see the doctor it will take time for things to be sorted out..................

Now Jessica just called in to get a few things and went mad at me because I bought Leo a Happy Meal from Macca's but at least he wil eat it...............yes I know I am so soft but hey I'm nanna not mum...........although there are days I do feel more like mum then


  1. Could you send some of that heat up here I hate the cold! Sorry the little guy is having trouble at school. Hope it gets better for him soon.
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. Good luck with Leo's doctor's appointment, Jo-Anne. I do hope he will be able to start helping Leo soon.

  3. Dear Jo-Anne,
    I'm crossing my fingers for Leo for the doctor's appointment.
    Hope things get better soon.

    Much Love, my friend, Orchid*

  4. Hopefully, Leo will be helped by the doctor.

  5. Like the others, I do hope that the Doctor will be able to give some help to little Leo. How lovely that you have all the summer to look forward to, but I don't think I could take the heat that you get over there. Here in England we are in autumn and heading towards winter, but at least we've got Christmas to look forward to!

  6. Nana gets to do whatever she wants with the grandchild. It's a law.


  7. Grandmas are for fun. I can't wait to be one! I hope all goes well with little Leo soon!

  8. Joanne.......If sending the heat your way would cool it down here I would do it in a

    Desiree......We see the doctor in a couple of hours and Jessica is feeling uneasy she is worried they will think she is a bad mother...

    Orchid........Heres hoping the doctors appointment goes well....

    Diane.........I do think this will be only our first of many appointments

    Thisisme....Even though I do like to complain about the heat at times if it's not to hot I am fine with it as long as we have the A/C going........

    Lola......Yes I think being nanna allows me to be a

    Kathy.....I love being a nanna we have different and special relationships with our grandchildren......

  9. please ssend warmth my way i'm freezing


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