Saturday 5 November 2011

Hey Hey It's Saturday

Bring on the weekend I am happy that it is Saturday at last for no particular reason I just am, this afternoon my sister in-law Leigh is having her 30th birthday party and I will go over for a bit but since it is at 4pm and I am not a big fan of going out late in the day or evening I do not think I will stay too long maybe a couple of hours I expect to be home by about 7pm at latest.............

I am also hoping to go to the cemetery with mum to visit my pops grave as it was a year yesterday that he passed away, I am just waiting to hear from mum this morning.................

I was up and out early this morning off to the doctors to ask if he could prescribe me something to help with the nausea feeling I have all the time as it is getting worse I find I will often lay in bed at night and just feel like I could throw up at any time........I am also quite tender in the area just under the breasts in the centre of my abdomen yes I have had this problem for a few years now but it is getting worse, they tell me it is reflux but nothing helps and tests have shown no problem so all I can do is try and find something to ease the feeling for a while........he has prescribed a a tablet called Motilum for me to take before meals and I have to go back and see him in a weeks time to tell him if they have helped........he also took me off aspirin and put me of plavix instead. This morning I saw Andrew who is one of the best doctors at the practice but it is often hard to get an appointment with him which is why I will often just see whoever is available.


  1. hugs hope you feel better soon and have a wonderful birthday celebration

  2. Sorry to hear you've been plagued by nausea. I am glad to hear the doctor cannot find anything serious and hope the meds help. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Jo-Anne.

  3. Oh no...feel better. That is such a yucky feeling when your belly hurts and you feel ill. I'm sending you lots of positive energy. :) HUGS.

  4. Dear Jo-Anne,
    Oh, so sorry to hear you are out of shape.
    Please Take Care of yourself, hoping for swift recovery!!!
    Blessing to you, xoxo Orchid*

  5. Happy Birthday Leah!

    That doesn't sound nice having such a feeling all the time, I hope that the doctor will take you seriously this time.

  6. Hi Becca........Yes I do hope the tablets the doc gave me help as the nausea feeling is terrible........

    Hi Desiree......Yep I will enjoy the weekend last night was good and I do hope the tablets help......

    Hi Jewels......Yes it is a terrible feeling and you would think after so long I would be more use to it.....

    Hi Orchid.......I am hoping the tablets help as I am so over this feeling but there is very little I can do except try the tablets......

    Hi Bubbles........Leigh had a nice birthday party and I enjoyed myself just so over feeling like this all the time.......

  7. Sorry you're feeling lousy. Have you had the gall bladder checked? Just curious. Keep us posted as to what the doctor said. Hugs.

  8. Hi Barb......I had my gall bladder out in 2005


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