Wednesday 30 November 2011

Bed Time Dramas

Since it is the last week of the month we have little Leo two nights this week so he was here last night and will be here again tonight now last night when it was bed time I say to him “it's time for bed” and he replies “I want papa to come to bed with me” well since papa was already asleep in his chair I decided to wake him up and tell him to go to bed with Leo.................sounds simple right.....

Don't be silly of course it wasn't simple it take me about a minute to wake him up and then instead of just going into bed with Leo he decides to have something to eat then have a shower before going to bed. So I was really annoyed with him but he couldn't get why. I just felt he made things more difficult for me, in the end I went to bed with Leo and just as Leo is nearly asleep papa gets into bed and decides now is a good time to have a chat with of course this woke Leo up and I got more annoyed.

In the end Tim was asleep within minutes of getting into bed and Leo was awake till around 10.30pm over 2& ½ hours after his bedtime.

This morning he had me awake at 6.30am and while nanna was tickling him he managed to fall out of bed knocking my touch lamp of the bedside table, he was upset he thought it was broken and yes it is slightly broken but it still works and nanna didn't get upset I just gave him a big hug and made sure he was ok.


  1. Oh Nanna, You're so nice. Give Tim a kick in the butt from me.


  2. It used to take me forever to get my daughter to sleep and sometimes right when she finally fell asleep her Dad would come home and wake her up UGH! Hope Leo goes to bed earlier tonight.
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. you are a jewel. way too nice. lol - sounds like ron.

  4. you are a jewel. way too nice. lol - sounds like ron.

  5. If I had a dollar for every time my husband winds up kids I put to bed...grrrr....

  6. MEN!!!!!! I agree with the others though, you are such a good Nanna, and I'm sure little Leo loves you very much.

  7. Lola.......I asked Tim if remembered how he acted Tuesday night and he said he didn't could even remember coming to bed........

    Joanne......Thankfully last night we had no problems at bedtime we all went to bed at 8.30pm and Leo settled pretty quick

    Teresa.......Thank you

    Shelly.......Thank you too

    Greengirl.....Oh yes I also would love a dollar for every time Tim would wind Leo up at bedtime.....I would be

    Thisime.......Leo will tell both me and papa that he loves us very very much every time he sees up and he loves to give big cuddles...

  8. My husband winds the kids up too LOL

    You are so sweet!

    It can be a chore getting little ones to sleep. ;)

  9. next time tim really wants to go to bed repeat HIS actions yourself and see how he likes it! lmao sounds like you're a great nanna! xoxoxoxoxo

  10. I love that you didn't get mad! What a great Nanna you are! As for Tim... all I can say is ... Men

  11. Oh the joys of being a nanna and you such a good one.


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