Friday 25 November 2011

Rain and Rain and a little more Rain

Rain rain rain will you ever stop...........seems like you have been hanging around most of the last week and although I like you and we need you we could also do with a break.........thankfully today has been the only day I have had to go out in you which wasn't too bad as I was able to park undercover so didn't have to load my car with shopping in the rain and get what I really don't like is that hubby had to ride his motorbike to work in you as I worry about him riding on wet roads.

Tomorrow is Saturday and according to the weather channel you will still be hanging around till sometime on Sunday but I do not have to go out tomorrow so you are allowed to be around........

My sore throat never turned into anything and I have been feeling much better today although I do still have a headache and feel really drained this afternoon, I think I will have a hot bath while the house is empty and can truly relax in it.................


  1. The rain is relaxing too if you don't have to go out in it. We have had a few sprinkles but nowhere near enough for the parched garden. avagoodweekend!

  2. The rain can be pretty depressing when it's goes on and on like that. Hope it clears up soon for you. We have had a lovely couple of weeks with Autumn here in my part of England, as it has been nice and dry, which certainly makes a welcome change! Enjoy your weekend Jo-Anne.

  3. Been raining here today too, and cold. Crazy weather for the end of November. Cant wait for some good hot days

  4. no rain here but cold have a great weekend

  5. I hate it when it rains for days on end. several years back it rained everyday for 50+ days. It was maddening! Hope you get some sun soon!
    Blessings, Joanne

  6. Endless rain can definitely be depressing. Hopefully, you get a break in the weather soon! A nice hot soak in the tub when there is no one else about to knock on the bathroom door sounds like the perfect cure for too much rain. Have a great weekend!

  7. Diane.......I do hope to have a good weekend although it isn't starting out that great been up most of the night sick........

    Thisisme......Yeah it is suppose to clear up this afternoon but at the moment it doesn't look like it will.

    Mynx.........Yep the last week has not felt like Novemeber weather....
    tomorrow should be better hopefully.

    Becca.......At the moment I feel like shit but if I don't have to go out or do much I should be ok..

    Joanne......I do not know how I would cope if it rained for 50 days

    Jennifer......Yes my bath was great I really enjoyed it not worrying about being interupted...

  8. A nice hot bath sounds heavenly. Enjoy. Hope for some sunshine your way! Hugs.

  9. oh dear it does sound like you are fed up with the rain! :(

  10. Hi Barb & it is at last nice and sunny the fine weather started yesterday afternoon and should last a few days at least


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