Tuesday 29 November 2011

Postive Feedback

On Sunday afternoon I received a phone call from a lady I have been writing to for 20 odd years she rang to tell me that she had received my last letter and wanted to tell me that she would still be writing to me and that as far as she was concerned what happened at Coles was just an unfortunate mistake and she didn't think any less of me because of it.........................

In fact since telling people about it I have felt better about myself as I have received a lot of positive feedback and even have had a number of other people confess to me that they have had similar experiences. So Sunday ended on a high note even though when I told Tim about the phone call he went on a bit about that fact that I told my pen-pals and blog pals all about what happened.

This is because he wanted to write a letter and try and get out of paying the fine and I wouldn't let him as I was scared if he did that they would turn around and take me to court instead but he couldn't get it..............he just kept saying there was no harm in trying but I disagreed I felt there could have been harm in doing so.........................in the end he paid the fine and wrote a letter and placed in with the cheque.


  1. Jo-Anne, I know you didn't intend any harm. It was all a mistake. Glad your husband paid the fine and it's OVER.


  2. I missed out on what this is all about. Glad you have it all resolved without too much damage.

  3. Lola......Me too, now I can just move one with life........

    LV........Don't worry doesn't bother me that you missed reading about my shame......

  4. I'm glad that it is all over and good on hubby for writing a letter after all it was a senior moment not intentional.

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  6. Glad you got it all sorted and can move forward. Stuff happens, nobody thinks worse of you.


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