Wednesday 2 November 2011


Yesterday was spent mostly in bed it started Monday night I was feeling all stuffed up in the head and yesterday morning when I got up I felt awful so after a couple of hours I went back to bed and didn't get up again till around 1pm. However I still felt awful and ended going to bed again at something like 7.15pm and would like to say I had a great nights sleep but that's not the case I had one of the worst nights sleep I have ever had, why well mostly because I was so stuff up in the head I had trouble breathing.

Today is a better day I am feeling better although not great I still have a headache and a blocked nose, although I managed to go to the nursing home with mum to see nan and as usual we took Temika with us.

I then came home and picked up my car and went to get a couple of Christmas presents for my sisters to give out...........

Now being that it is Wednesday we will have Leo here for the night so I hope he doesn't have a nap at day care and that Tim will be home early to help with him as I really do not feel like dealing with him tonight.......


  1. I don't feel like dealing with him tonight either. Thank God we can be honest and open about our feelings.


  2. Do your sisters ever make sure that YOU have gifts to give out? You are very generous.

  3. Oh, Dear Jo-Anne
    I truly hope you are feeling much much better !!!
    And Christmas shopping already, wow sounds so early for me.
    Hugs to you, Orchid*

  4. Really sorry to hear that you were feeling to poorly on Monday. Do hope that you are feeling much brighter now and that all went with with little Leo!

  5. I hope you feel better soon, I guess you've been really anxious about what happened that you've worn yourself out a little.

  6. Hi Lola......For the most part little Leo was a good boy last night he settled down quickly and slept all night........

    Hi Anonymous....I guess my sisters know they can count on me

    Hi Orchid......Yeah I am feeling much better now a day in bed helps.....I like to start my Christmas shopping early since I buy for my sisters as well as for myself.....

    Hi Thisisme.......Yeah I am much better now spending Monday in bed helped a lot.......

    Hi Bubbles.....I am now much better


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