Thursday 10 November 2011

Good Leo, Not So Good Leo & Oh So Cute Leo

This morning while checking my emails Kathy rang to see if I wanted to go to the park with her and take Leo since he isn't allowed at day care until after his appointment this morning although to be honest I do not see what a difference a few hours will make............

Anyway both me and Leo went to the park with Kathy and Sydney and I Leo had a wonderful time he climbed up to the top of the very big slide and then was to scared to come down so Kathy had to climb up and come down with him............which she said was funny as he kept hitting his face on the side of the slide on the way down as he would only go down while sitting on Kathy's lap............

After the park we came home and met his mum then off to the doctors appointment we go, the doctor we saw was really nice and he said that he felt that Leo was pretty much a normal 3yr old but he did refer us over to Kaleidoscope which is an organisation that links clinical services for children, who live in the Hunter and New England region. After the appointment we went to the day care and told them what was said and they said he can return tomorrow and we will just have to take it day by day.

At the doctors he was really well behavioured but when we left he wasn't at first he refused to leave the surgery and Jes was please please Leo come here and the doctor told her she should not be asking him in that way she has to speak firmly to him and tell what he has to do and not plead with shock there for me but maybe hearing it from someone other then me may make a difference.

While me and him were walking back to the car he was fine till we get to the car and then he just took off on me he ran across the road but did stop and check for cars, he then ran down the driveway of the police station I am trying to rush after him and I am calling for him to stop and of course he took no notice then his mum turned up and we are both looking and calling him but we couldn't see him and he didn't answer while I continued to look around the police parking lot his mum ran down the other driveway next door. We ended up having 3 police officers help look for him and found him hiding behind a large ute, one of the officers went to get him out and he tried to climb on top of the ute and he told him that he can't do that. Then he asked Leo why he ran away and hid from nanny and mummy and that did he (Leo) understand how scared mummy was because she couldn't find him...............Leo just said he is a big boy and can look after was cute and if I wasn't so upset I would have laughed at the way he was talking..............

I started writing this 5 hours ago and I am only now just finishing it and getting a chance to post it...


  1. I must admit that little Leo looks really cute in those photos. I agree with the Dr that we shouldn't be pleading with them at that age, but it is difficult. Let's hope that he will be okay back at day care. My little grandson is fine until he gets tired, and then he always has a mad five minutes and won't put his shoes on and runs away when we go to put him in the car. (This is at my house, so he can only run around the garden, but it's hard for his mum when she has the little girl, aged 22 months).

  2. very cute but my mama would have tanned my hide! lol

  3. We were actually talking about this at work in that schools/daycares over react or take no notice of the children but the problem is that they are bored or the instructions aren't clear in what is expected of them (like telling to tidy up and complaining that they won't do it but what exactly have you asked them to tidy up!). Still with the referral your daughter might get some help in how to deal with Leo.

  4. I'm a big girl, but I can't take care of myself.


  5. Leo is sweet.
    What a place to run for him, the best place of all really - the police station :) glad he was found ok.

  6. Thisisme........Yes he is so cute and he loves having his photo taken nearly as much as he loves to take photos of whatever he can........We have also noticed that the more tired Leo is the more likely he is to play up.

    Tim......I smacked his fingers the other day at the day care when he was touching everything he could get his hands on and then wondered if someone would say anything as there are so many people who go on about never ever smacking a child but I do feel it is ok to smack their fingers if they are touching stuff the are not allowed to......

    Bubbles.......You know we have not had a phone call from the day car today and the new director isn't their today......really we have only had phone calls about him since this new woman took over and I have wondered if she is over reacting a bit.....

    Lola.....I know a lot of big girls who need help taking care of themselves me

  7. Whiteangel.....I thought the same thing at least the cops were close and handy to help look for him......

  8. You guys have your hands full. I hope it's just a phase that ends quickly. So glad to be done with raising kids! I got exhausted just reading about running around to find him. Scary stuff.

  9. wow you do have your hands full and good thing Leo went towards the police station and not else where...hugs

  10. Hi Barb & Becca.......I was surprised that he stopped and looked both ways before running across the


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