Sunday 20 November 2011

Don't just think they know how you feel

I love my life I am one luck woman I have a man with who I am still in love with after 27yrs of marriage 28yrs together and with who I have 3 beauitful daughters and 3 wonder grandchildren. I have siblings who not only love me but who also like me and that is a big thing so many women/people are not so lucky, how many people out there have families that do not feel the same way mine does...................

Sometimes we take things for granted such as being part of an awesome family so I just want to tell mine that I think they are amazing and that I am proud to be related to them. None of us are perfect but we accept each other for who we are and we do not judge each other, I know my siblings know that I am here for them no matter what and that I love them for who they are.......
People need to remember to tell those who they love and care about that they are loved and cared about you can't just assume that they know and even if they do know it is nice to be tell them today do not put it off or think that they know and that words and nothing because words mean a lot.........................


  1. Great post. You are so uplifting and happy here. I agree. We should love those around us as hard as we can. They should know how we feel.

  2. What a wonderful post! I can feel your pride and love all the way over here :)

  3. Lovely post and something we should all remember

  4. i agree with everything you said we should always remember what we have and be thankful and never miss an opportunity to tell those we love that we love them life is to short

  5. Very well said my friend. We SHOULD let our family know how important they are to us. I always try to do that. We have blessings in abundance, don't we?!

  6. No one leaves the room, the house or gets off the phone without an "I love you" with an "I love you back" in our house.

    We learned at a very early age how fleeting life is and no one takes for granted that everyone is going to be around forever.

    Then again, it isn't just what you say, it is also what you do that let's your family know you love them and you know they love you.:)

  7. Cystal......I was feeling really great when I wrote this post for no reason I just felt great, and I still feel great this morning........

    Desiree......Thank you for that I really am proud of the women my girls have grown into.

    Mynx.......Thank you I just felt the need to write this last night........

    Shelly.....Thanks I think most of us would agree

    Becca.......Yes life can be too short we never know what is going to happen every day.......

    Thisisme.......I agree we do have an abundance of blessings

    SkippyMom......We are the same as we always say I love you before saying goodbye and we also always give hugs before we leave each other, I also agree it is more then words it is actions and the way you say "I love you"......

  8. that was a great post! we're real big on "i love you" and make it a point to never go to bed angry or leave the house angry. you never know what will happen.

  9. A lovely post Jo-Anne.Families are the best, I have just had a wonderful time with my sister who came over to help with the olive harvest.


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