Thursday 3 November 2011

Just Stuff

Well after a pretty warm day yesterday I am in track pants again as it is a lot cooler today, and of course I had a lot of washing to do so that had to go into the dryer...................Jessica has asked if her and Leo can stay tonight and I have said they can but she has to be aware that we have no bread, no potatoes, no coke and no I also let her know that she will have to pick Leo up from day care as Tim wants to take the car when he goes back to work........

I have just poped a chocolate cake into the oven and think I will try and answer some of my mail this afternoon.

Now just a random thought: It is said that if you line up all the cars in the world end to end, someone would be stupid enough to try and overtake them.


  1. I thought you had no chocolate in the house, Jo-Anne, but you have a chocolate cake in the oven. LOL


  2. I looked real quick and thought you wrote "pooped" a chocolate cake into the oven. Whew, that's a relief!

  3. Chocolate cake sounds yummy. My house smells like chocolate chip cookies my hubby just made. It woke me up from my nap....follow the smell of chocolate!

  4. Hi Lola......It's because I have no chocolate I felt the need to make a chocolate

    Hi Al........Yeah I do not think pooping in the oven would be very

    Hi SkippyMom.........It tastes good too........

  5. He was a wise man! I wish I could come over for some chocolate no no I'm trying to lose weight. I actually was strong enough to refuse cake at morning tea at tennis today.

  6. Hi Jo-Anne,
    Hum, chocolate cake in the oven (pooped) ?
    Oh, God. Greek to me (^^;)

  7. Hi Jo-Anne. Hope that you are now fully recovered. Could you please save me a slice of that lovely chocolate cake ? Scrummy!

  8. A slice of chocolate cake will make me one happy lady. Wish I was having one for my birthday soon but I'd end up eating the whole thing. Hugs!

  9. YUM did you say chocolate cake i'll be right over save me some.

    oh and love that quote about the wise man to funny.

    also sorry for all the comments trying to catch up

  10. i could go for some chocolate cake about now. yum yum yum. sounds delish!

  11. Hi Diane......When I make my own cakes I always use skim milk so it is a little better then those made with full cream milk well that's my

    Hi Orchid......Funny how we can easly read the wrong word I wrote poped Al reads pooped that extra o makes a big

    Hi Thisime......Consider a slice eldest daughter took a nice large slice home with her

    Hi Barb.......There was a time when I would be tempted to eat the whole cake in an afternoon but not anymore I am now a good girl.......

    Hi Becca......Never say sorry for leaving comments we all have times when we feel the need to play catch

    Hi Teresa......The cake tasted nice and went over well......


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