Saturday 3 December 2011

Christmas Shopping

I have to find the time to sort out all the Christmas presents I have bought over the last few months and figure out what I have and for who I have bought for so I know what else I have to get, I just want to go it while Tim isn't home as if he sees how much I have already bought he will go on and on about already have and how I spend too much money on presents. I know I have a a bit of a problem when it comes to buying gifts as I love to buy gifts for my family..................just as much as I love to buy

Bloody hell if Tim knew I bought gifts for my sisters to give out to different people he would really go off his

When I have everything laid out I will take a photo and show everyone............................


  1. Hopefully it won't snow where you are. Isn't it "summer" there (please excuse the ignorant American query)?
    Because, if it does, the Mayans may be right.
    Dead, but right.

  2. i totally understand i've bought gifts all year for "christmas" but then i get excited and give them to the people cause i just cant wait for them to have it then i have to buy another one for under the tree!lolol my room-mate has FORBIDDEN me from giving presents until christmas. lmao

  3. I can't wait to see all your gifts beautifully made up. The best part to me is always the wrapping and decorating :)

  4. Just as well Tim doesn't read your blog. You should be able to do what you want anyway. Giving is a gift.

  5. Do your sisters ever contribute? To Anything?

  6. I'm awful with presents, I used to be like you when I saw a present that fitted in with what a friend liked I'd buy it so when the time came I'd have way too much stuff to give but still would.

    Now I'm not so organised as its usually a last minute shop but when I find that thing it suddenly turns in to a theme so it then adds up again. I actually sent a package to Australia yesterday to a pen-friend and it cost over £12, the postal worker got a sweat on instead of me at the price! I usually buy online for her gift as I can get something nice with the price I'd spend and the postage.

    Thankfully its only my friends that I buy for and not family/relatives as I'd be in a similar situation.

  7. You have truly got a heart of gold! I would much rather give than receive. And if it makes you happy...that's all that matters! Hugs.

    P.S. To the comment from the person hiding behind "Anonymous"'s none of our business now is it? If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything.

  8. Hi Al......Yes it is summer here we have had some pretty hot days followed by some much cooler days the weather here atm is all over the If it snowed here I think I would faint from

    Hi Tim......Yes I buy presents all year some for Christmas others for birthdays and such, I just love buying presents.

    Desiree.......Yes I love sorting through what I have and makes me feel good to see what I have bought and then wrap them

    Diane....I do think it is good that he doesn't read my blog and even though I know he complains I do love to give so I do............

    Anonymous.........My sisters are useless when it comes to money, they just can't seem to make it strech as far as I do and I loved to help them out.

    Bubbles.......Yes I sent a couple of presents to pen pals last week and it cost me $12 for each parcel the cost of postage so glad I do not send a lot of presents over seas like you I prefer to buy online and have it sent to the person as it ends up being cheaper......I do not think of myself as being organised but everyone else things I

    Barb......Yes it makes me feel good inside and it isn't like I am buying expensive gifts for my sisters to use just little things I big up as I go about my shopping.
    I do it becuase I want to not because I have to and I know they appreciate what I do for them if they didn't I wouldn't do it.....,.

  9. Oh what fun you are having Jo-Anne, good on you.
    You enjoying giving. It would be lovely if more people in this world were like you.
    It's a wonderful feeling to 'give'

  10. Hi Whiteangel.......Thank you for the kind words I do think giving brings so much joy to the giver.....
    well it does in my case........

  11. Before I start my Christmas shopping, I make sure I prepare a list of people I want to give gifts to. This way, I avoid missing someone important. Also, I try to shop in advance whenever I get the chance. I agree with you: it gives me so much joy knowing that I made someone happy with my gift. :)


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