Thursday 29 December 2011

Good Morning How Are YOU

Morning, how are you? I hope you are making time for yourselves. This is a hectic time of the year and sometimes it is easy not to make ' special' quiet time just for YOU. You 'are' important and sometimes it is easy to forget that and focus on everyone else. So, take some time out and relax. You will feel so much better. Try it. For one hour, turn off you phone/s, don't answer the door, forget the notifications for emails and just relax. If you absolutely cannot do it now, plan it so that you can do it. Your needs are as important as everyone else and relaxing really will recharge your batteries and you really will feel better.


  1. If this is how you will be spending your day I hope that it turns out exactly as you planned.

  2. I have nothing but time for myself. I wish I could give some of it to you.


  3. Good morning there Jo-anne,and I am just getting ready to go to bed, here in England! A very timely reminder for all of us, especially at this time of the year, to make sure that we DO make time for ourselves, to recharge our batteries as we prepare for the coming of the new year. Take care my friend.

  4. want a wonderful thought i hope you get to do this yourself

  5. A great suggestion that more people should try!

  6. I think I need to pin this on my fridge

  7. Good Morning to you too. It's always important to find time for ourselves, and especially at this time of year!
    Have a happy new year my friend!
    Big hugs x

  8. That's so hard for me.. I always feel selfish when trying to have some time just for myself..

  9. I completely agree! It's delightful. I never get a whole hour but I take at least 20 minutes and just relax. Since I've been doing that my mood has improved and life is cheery again.

  10. Hi Bubbles.....I turned my phones off and what happened when I turned it on again there was heaps of missed calls and text messages from my girls wanting to know where I

    Hi Lola.......I have some very busy full days but also some that I can just chill at home alone....although I do get lots of phone calls most days......

    Hi Thisisme......Whenever I try to take time out for me I get pested more well it seems that way as if I turn my phones off everyone wants to know where I am......

    Hi Becca......I do try even if I do not have a lot of luck

    Hi Barb........Yes we all should try it more often.

    Hi Mynx.....Me too I really need to turn the phones off more........

    Hi Eva......Sometimes it is easier to say then to do........well it is for me.

    Hi Marina......So do I which I think is one of the reasons I do not do it very often

    Hi Elisabeth.......If you are like me you will say you will do it more then you will actually do

    Hi Craziness......I think anything we can get is great as we all need a bit of time to just chill.......

  11. Great suggestion. I hope you do it for yourself. I do it by walking in the forest.


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