Sunday 11 December 2011

How Do You Feel About The Christmas Season??????

The Christmas season is a pond us so I was thinking while I was driving out to Jessica's place today I started to think about Christmas and what it means to people...................So what does it mean to you? Do you love Christmas or are you just blah about it or maybe you are a grinch or a scrooge.

Now I doubt it comes as a surprise to anyone that I love Christmas, it took me while to figure out what type of decorations I like for many years there was no theme to my decorations but the last couple of years I have at long last figured it out......................I love Santa Claus statues, pictures, ornaments along with Christmas trees this year I only have one small tinsel tree sitting on top of the entertainment unit but in past years I have had 2 or 3 trees and next year I will again I just have to buy some more..................

Now I am married to a man who is just blah about Christmas it means really nothing to him although he always loved to watch the girls open their presents and in recent years has loved it when Jessica and Leo have stayed here Christmas Eve so he could see Leo open his presents Christmas morning. I think his feelings about Christmas come from his childhood when Christmas was not a big deal as his father was never interested in Christmas his mother was more like me though she seemed to always love Christmas.

I also love to buy and give gifts as anyone who knows me is aware Yesterday I sorted out my presents should had taken a photo of all the gifts spread out over the lounge room floor but didn't think of Anyway I discovered that I didn't have anything of my brother so this morning while we where out I said to hubby that I have to get something for Dave and he picks up something that cost only $6 and said give him that and I was like ok we can give him that but not just that I found something else that was $15 and we got the 2 items but I would still like to get him something else but I will not tell hubby that I am getting something else for him as I do not want to hear him complain about how much money I am spending.
 I am sharing with everyone a few shots of my home to show my lack of decorations this year......


  1. I love Christmas. The decorations you have out are nice- very festive. I hope your husband catches some of the Christmas spirit!

  2. I am neither a Scrooge nor a Grinch, but The last couple of years have seen me a lot less interested in decorating or making a big thing of Christmas. I just felt that we need to make Christmas more African than European, especially since it's also summer here. Christmas has become so commercialised and everyone seems to rush around looking stressed and spending far too much money. It seems there really is too much pressure to conform. This year, we have decided to not do anything by way of decorating or cooking a huge meal or even handing out gifts. We will be enjoying a lovely, quiet, relaxing day at home in the garden. We'll have a cold lunch of salads, cheeses, cold meat, crispy rolls, a glass of chilled wine and a trifle for pudding. The important thing is that everyone should celebrate Christmas in the way that feels right and best for them. You love the traditional feel, so that's an important way for you to enjoy the day itself and the whole build up to it. I wish you and your family a wonderful, memory filled day!

  3. I really love Christmas (despite the fact that Thanksgiving is still my favorite holiday-I think it has to do with eating). Anyway, we have two young nieces who still get all bubbly over the magic of Christmas morning-that makes the season worthwhile. I also tend to get introspective at this time of year, too. Sure, the manic commercialism gets a bit insane, but I relish the deeper meaning of it.
    Plus, there's some eating to be had, as well.

  4. I don't celebrate Christmas but I love all the decorations and would be a complete nutter in doing the house up... saying that though I think present wise I think it would be nicer to just stick to stockings with smaller gifts for children due to the fact parents don't stick to their limit in what they can spend and then complain that they are in debt... its also parents who don't realise that some things are not appropriate for their childs age (like does a 7 year old need a phone, a 3 year old a psp etc...).

    For my religious festival we always got money but as children we'd get £1 which we loved because we could spend the money on sweets we couldn't normally afford due to them being more then the amount we got as pocket money. Now though parents/relatives feel they have to give £5- £20 which is stupid and the child doesn't even appreciate it and in some cases doesn't even get to keep it.

  5. Jo-Anne,
    You wrote a lovely post.
    I like Christmas and I don't lose site of why we have Christmas and what it's all about. Apart from that to me it means being together as a family and giving.
    If I know of any family member who is alone at Christmas they are not alone for long because I have them for meals at my house as I insist they come :)
    As you say some people don't give a care about Christmas but that is their choice, we all do and think differently.

  6. I am a huge fan of Christmas. I don't go crazy on gifts and I cannot stand the Christmas songs before Thanksgiving but at the same time I truly get into the season. I adore giving thoughtful gifts, I love decorating, the lights, the whole deal. I sometimes deal with Grinch's but that's okay...that's their thing.

  7. I miss my Christmas with my son and Rich. Those were always special. We'd spend Christmas Eve with my step-daughter for an elaborate meal and Christmas morning was Michael's! It's not the same now. I like Christmas but when you haven't got the $$ to spend it makes it less fun since I'm a giver. Enjoy it! I'm glad you love it as much as you do. Hugs.

  8. Yep - the season is truly upon us now, isn't it? Your house looks adorable. I love Santas too. I have a few, but they are usually on a ride along with my snowmen. :)

    If you buy your brother another present how are you going to hide the fact that you did from your husband when your brother opens it in front of him or thanks you later for it? If I was too worried to tell my husband about spending money, I would be just as worried about being caught later but I would think your husband would be doubly mad to find out he was lied to. My Mom used to do the same thing with my Dad - and we kids did not like the fallout when he found out.

    I do like your spirit tho'. It IS such a wonderful time of year.

  9. I adore Christmas. I'm not decorating this year because I don't feel the need. I'll enjoy other people's decorations.


  10. I don't get very excited about Christmas like I did when my girls were little. then it was fun playing Santa Clause. What I like about Christmas is being with my far flung family if they can make it home.

  11. Shelly......Even though Tim is not a big Christmas person for the most part he doesn't act in a way that brings us down.....

    Desiree.......I think a lot of people lose interested in Christmas as they get older and don't have family around to celebrate it with...
    I will post about how we spend Christmas Day at a later date. I do think it is far too commercialised also.

    Al.......Yes it is very commercialised and I do not like that but it is the same with every occassion now days everyone out to make a buck.....It is still a wonderful magicial time of year.

    Bubbles.......On thing I have never done is put things on credit I prefer to be able to pay cash and yes I do save all year for Christmas and when the money runs out then I am done I will not go into debt to have a great Christmas

    I do think too many people do that and too many parents go over board we have always had Christmas sacks for the girls filled with small items and 1 main present from mummy and daddy........Santa didn't get credit for

    Whiteangel........I also do not lose sight of what Christmas is all about and that is not Santa and presents. My nan would invite anyone to Christmas lunch if she found out they would be home alone on the day and for many years my parents would invite Tim's father to Christmas lunch so he wasn't alone.

    Jewels.......I do not like seeing Christmas stuff in the shops in Septemeber or October I think the stores bring out Christmas stuff far to early..........

    Barb......Yes it is hard when money is in short supply. I am lucky that I have not lost anyone who I am really close to. It must be hard not having those around you who you are close to.

    Skippy......If I do get my brother something else I know hubby will not even noticed and it is not like I am planning to go out and buy something expenisve and will only do it if I can afford to do so. One thing I do not do is buy things on credit I have to have the cash.

    Lola.......I think a lot of people get to a point in their lives when the no longer see the point in decorations I do not know if that will ever happen to me well I hope it doesn't............

    Diane........I do not know how I would be if my family didn't live so close to me, although I guess I would adjust if I had to as what I want most if for my girls to be happy

  12. I love Christmas!!! I am already becoming just a little sad because it is almost here and gone. It really is the best time of the year! I like having to shop for gifts even though money is tight. It's fun to think of loved ones and buy them something they might enjoy. I also love having my house all decked out. YAY FOR CHRISTMAS!

  13. Why are men so anti Christmas? grr I love Christmas! It's the best holiday in the world.

  14. Crystal.........Yes I know the feeling I also get a little sad when Christmas is over

    Craziness.........Yeah men are so grr when it comes to Christmas well the ones I know are, my dad wasn't a Christmas person either when he married mum but that changed after he had children but know that he is getting older he has had a few times when he has seemed not so interested in Christmas.

  15. Men, budgets and Christmas--they generally do NOT go together:)
    I'm finally getting more of the spirit.

  16. I love Christmas too, and hope you enjoy every minute of this season, despite your husband's indifference. Your holiday decorations are pretty and cheerful. Merry Christmas to you! Thank you for being my blogging friend this year.

  17. GreenGirl.........Yep I agree men and Christmas do not always go together.

    Kneesandpaws.......Thank you for being a blog friend of mine also, I wish I could get my daughters to do a bit more in the way of Christmas decorations and I know the grandkids love seeing them around my place


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