Wednesday 23 November 2011

Nothing Much

Today where I am it is a cool and wet day so I have gone from shorts back into jeans and I am sounding a bit croaky and have a slight sore throat so we will see if I end up with a cold or

As I write this I am waiting for my mum to arrive to pick me up and go to the nursing home to see nan, then she said we will be going to Westfield at Kotara to do some shoppping so I am dressed and waiting now mum said she would ne here around 9am but my mum would be late to her own

We all know if mum says 9am it will more the likely be around 9.15 or later before she

Jessica has decided that she is going to try taking Leo to day care each day he goes instead of me taking him on Thursday's as he seems to get into more trouble when I take him also if he gets sent home she said she will pick him up and take him back to their place so he doesn't think getting sent home will get him sent to home to nanna's when I drop him off he gets really upset and will cling to me and not want me to leave sometimes I have to have staff pull him off me and I leave to him crying for nanna now he use to get over it and be fine after I left but recently he has not been and gets quite violent when I leave because he wants his nanna...................


  1. aw little Leo really loes his nana that is very sweet but i get that he has to learn to go to daycare and behave. sounds like Jessica s making a good plan here.

  2. Kids learn how to manipulate at young ages so I think it's a great idea that Jessica is doing this. But we do know that there's nothing better than a grandma!!! haha.

  3. That is a smart thing to try with little Leo- hope it works! And it will save you some heartache, too, from having to have him ripped off of you. It is good that he loves you so much-

  4. Becca......Yes he has become a nanna's boy, we have noticed he is better behaved on the days his mum drops him at day care so here's hoping she sticks to this plan......

    Barb......Yes they do and I have noticed the days he got sent home pretty early were the days that he just wanted to stay with nanny......

    Shelly.......Yes it is terrible when they have to pry him off me so I can leave.....

  5. sounds like he was definitely pushing the "right" buttons there. kid's no dummy, eh? hehehe!

    sorry to hear you're on the edge of getting sick. warm tea with a shot of whiskey. that'll help ya. lol! or, the whiskey straight won't be too bad either.

    i also put vicks on the soles of my feet and then socks at night. works great. hope you feel better quickly~!

  6. Barb has summed it up nicely for me, too. And, I do hope you aren't coming down with a cold. Our weather has also been up and down of late. Take care!

  7. Yep barb has said it right. You can send the rain up here we haven't had any for a month.

  8. Desiree.......Still raining here today so you can have some of it if you

    Teresa......I had the last of my scotch last night while in a hot bath then just sat and did nothing for the rest of the afternoon......

    Leo had a pretty good day yesterday so we will see how he is today as me and his papa dropped him off today........

    Diane.......Yes I also agree with Barb

  9. I really like what Barb wrote as well :)

    I love that line about being late to her own funeral LOL! I'm late to everything too. One of these days, I'm going to be early though. I just set all of my clocks back ten minutes. Hopefully that will help ;)

  10. Elisabeth.......I think if my mum tried putting her clock forward it still wouldn't work she is just one of those women who is often late.....


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