Tuesday 15 November 2011

Christmas Shopping

I have a problem I love and I mean love to buy stuff on line and in stores and with Christmas approaching I keep finding more and more things I want to buy which means I keep spending money. Everytime something arrives in the mail or by courier I have hubby going on about what am I buying and spending his hard earned money. I can't say to him that I am buying things for my sisters and children to use as presents as he would go ape shit.................lol

I made the mistake of letting it slip to Natasha that I was making sure that my sisters had gifts for people for Chrismas and she went off her head about how lazy they are and how two of them are with men who work and they should not need me to get things and if they did they should be giving me money to get the things. I mean she went on and on and on I was glad to see her leave and go home just so I didn't have to listen to her go on any longer.

I love to get personalised gifts...ie things with the persons name on it I love getting gifts with my name on it personalised stationary is something I really love although in my family no one else write letters much, mum does some times but not as often as she use to when I was a child.

I usually do personalised calanders but so far this year I just haven't been in the mood to do them oh well may in the next week or so I may feel the urge to do them. They take a long time to do inputing the birthdates and anniversarys and picking the photos.


  1. I would much rather have a nice, well thought out, hand made card than a gift purchased by someone else with some else's money given to me by an adult relative.

    Even my kids, when they didn't have real jobs, managed to save money from odd jobs [babysitting, lawn mowing, lemonade stand] to purchase gifts for those they loved. It meant so much more to them than if we just handed them money or gifts to give. And yes, I still have every card that was ever made for me.

    But. . .I guess it is one way to assure your grown kids and sisters get you what you want for Christmas. heehee

  2. Jo-Anne,
    You love to give, you want to see everyone has a present for each person in your family. That is the way you are - a very giving unselfish person - God Bless You. There should be more people like you.
    When you speak of personalized calendars - do you mean you make them yourself, or get them personalized online with names and upload your photos etc.?

  3. Hi Skippy.........Some of my most cherished gifts are the ones my girls made themselfs so I know what you mean. Also I do not buy gifts for anyone else to give to me that they have to do themselfs I use to but I have since decided that they are all old enough to get me something themself.

    Whiteangel.....Thank you and yes it is the way I am, as for the calendars I do them online but it is still time consuming.......

  4. Jo Anne - sorry you misunderstood me. I was kidding [ha ha] about buying your own gift. It was just a joke because that would be even sillier than the rest, wouldn't it?
    Have a great week.

  5. You are one big hearted mamma.

  6. Skippy.......I use to have to buy my own presents if I wanted a present but this year decided not to do it anymore.......I also didn't remind anyone yesterday and so far this morning I have recived 11 birthday messages.

    Diane......Thank you this is me and I like me.......

  7. Happy Birthday to you Jo-Anne. I hope your day is as sweet and wonderful as you are!!! Many more too! Hugs.

  8. love the quote at the top and you have such a big heart.


  9. Barb........Thanks so far I am having a good day

    Mollie........Thank you it is a good day

    Becca....Yeah I liked it too, I love to help my family out

  10. Happy Belated Birthday! I really connected to the part about your husband worrying where the money goes during Christmas. My very frugal husband has turned me into a card giver, or a handmade gift giver. And really, it's not so bad.


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