Monday 21 November 2011

Cars can give you a headache when they do not want to start

My precious daughter Kathy-Lee is having car troubles sometimes it starts sometimes it doesn't she has had a couple of times that she has had to leave the car parked on the side of the road because it wouldn't start. The first time was last Thursday morning she had came here and picked me and Leo up to take Leo to day care after I had dropped him off when she went to start the car to drive me home it wouldn't start and we had to ring my mum and ask if she could come and pick Kathy and Sydney up and she couldn't she arranged for my sister Sandra to do it instead but both me and Kathy got fed up with waiting and started walking. Sandra did pick Kathy up and Jessica ended up coming and getting me but I did walk part of the way home. Later that afternoon when I picked Leo up from day care on the spur of the moment I tried Kathy's car and it started so I drove it back to her place and had her take me back to my car.

We did try to jump start the car but that didn't work so we have no idea what the problem is and on Wednesday it goes to the mechanics to see what the problem is.

She didn't drive it again till Saturday when she drove it to work and back again both times it started no problem, then this morning she drove it work again and back again, however after she was home a bit she got home Natasha rang her and said that she had forgotten to pick Blain up from school and she needed Kathy to go get him this was at 3.30pm Blain got out of school at 3pm. So Kathy goes to jump in the car and it will not start it took a bit but she got it going and got to the school got Blain and yes you guessed it the car would not start to drive home and it was starting to rain and she was in a state she had left her phone at home anyway she found some change and rang my house and Jessica jumped in her car and drove to get them and take them home.`

So a couple of hours later I went and tried her car and it started so I then drove it home again for her so now the car is back at her place which makes her feel better, no one likes the idea of having their car parked on the side of the road for x amount of time.


  1. oh it's a big problem when the car won't start.
    Hope it's repaired soon, even though it starts sometimes. I don't know a thing about what's wrong with cars :)

  2. I know little to nothing about the inner workings of cars. I do hope it gets fixed soon-

  3. We are so dependent on our transportation aren't we? That's why I had to buy a vehicle. I am 4 miles to the nearest store and I surely cannot walk in my condition. Hope her car gets fixed up soon and it's nothing too drastic.

  4. sounds exactly like what my daughters car is doing. Piece of crap

  5. Probably could've mitigated a few of the headaches if you had stopped driving it the first time it stopped running, but you had managed to get it home [off the side of the road.] No fun being stranded, especially when you know there is something wrong with the car to begin with.

    Hope it is something easy like the alternator or voltage regulator and gets fixed soon.

  6. my mom's van keep having trouble starting to they tell her it's a delay reaction to the automatic doors but but that's BS as it will work find for a week then not start for a day or two. cars are just a headache

  7. Whiteangel........We can only hope that it doesn't cost to much to get repaired.

    Shelly.......Me too I know nothing which is why it's going to the mechanics tomortow

    Barb......Yes we are Kathy doesn't mind walking in fine weather but she can't walk to work that would take a couple of

    Craziness abounds.....Sometimes our cars feel like more bother then they are worth but then we have to walk or catch a bus for a while and think differently

    Skippy......She only went out because her sister was crying because she had forgotten to pick Blain up from school, it will not be driven again until it has been fixed hopefully

    Becca.......Cars I have no idea about the workings of them I get in turn the key and Someone told Kathy it maybe the starter motor.


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