Sunday 5 June 2022

WEEK 22 OF 2022

I AM BACK.........

It is Sunday again and still no internet, going to be another hard day.

Had a moment when I was unable to get out of my chair and Tasha wasn't able to help. She rang Blain who rang Jess who sent Leo to check on me. During this Kathy rang and I was sobbing.

Kathy & Summer came over and vacuumed out for me. Summer is feeling a bit better but is still not good.

Tasha came down and cut up my pie for lunch.

Kelli here to put me to bed along with her kids and Issy (niece)

Monday has arrived again, another cold & wet day. So cold I have the heater on.

Tim up at 4.20 for work he doesn't like such early starts.

Kelli visited today again, she is the best. I love her so much.

At around 6ish tonight I was laying in bed listening to music when I heard an a bloody loud noise like an expolsion and I struggled out of bed to find a large branch from the neighbours tree in our roof, part of the tree was on the roof.

Tim rang the DoH who told him to ring 000 and they sent the SES who came and told us it was unsafe and we couldn't stay in the house. So one will go to Jess and the other to Tasha's.

Well last night was a shit night,Jess tried to get us emergency housing but we got messed around so I ended up in Leo's bed and Tim stayed at Tasha's. It was a rough night for both of us.

Barry Gold from the DoH arrived and checked the house and arranged for someone to remove the tree and cover the roof with a tarp. He also put us in touch with a woman who has arranged for us to have 2 nights accommodation at a motel in Belmont 20 minutes from home.

Spent all day at Jess's place bored with nothing to do,even thou I asked for someone to bring me my laptop.

Sandy came over to check on me and it was great seeing her and getting big hugs.

Around 1pm we went to the motel it is a basic room but it is only 2 nights and at lest I have my laptop and a TV to watch.

Had a good night managed to sleep expect being so exhausted helped. I have been up since 5.30am and had a mini muffin and banana bread warmed in the microwave not good but edible.

Tim has gone back to the house while I hang around the motel room.

I am having a bad day a lot of crying and frustrating can't sit comfortably, no back support which is causing a shit load of pain.

Jess is pissed that I have been stuck here in the motel alone all day, due to how much pain I am in. She has said after her last drop off this afternoon she will call in to see me.

Had a good night sleep, yesterday Tim brought my fold up blue chair which at least has better back support.

Damn it is cold today.

The wheel on the wheelchair is broken so Tim rang someone to find out about replacing the tyres they gave him another number to ring, the guy is local and charges $25 for each wheel. He can do it on Saturday.

At around 10ish Jess rang and asked if we could go get Leo from school as he was having a bad day.

While at home Tash gave me a shower using Jess's shower.

We have had the tyres on the wheelchair replaced cost us $80 for both.

We are going home tomorrow, thank goodness.

Another decent nights sleep but I woke up depressed/sad due to upsetting dreams.

Even though I showered yesterday I stink.

Home to a right mess to clean up and a new modem to install. Which we did and now I am back online. Had 1,572 unread emails which I deleted.

It is good to be home even if it is a right mess.

Tim saw the Dr about his back who sent him for an Xray.

Felt good to sleep in my own bed, slept right through the night till 4.30am, after peeing I went back to bed for another hour. So up at 5.40am,was able to have a good wash and apply deodorant and moisturise my face.

Kathy and the girls arrived around 10.30ish and vacuumed out but didn't empty the bins.

I gave the girls the memory books I did for them and they seemed to like them. Straight away they went through the book comparing photos in there books.


  1. OMG, Jo-Anne, what terrible news about your house. I'm so glad no one was hurt.

  2. I'm Just glad DOH was able to settle you as fast as they did- and that no one was hurt.

  3. Karen..........Thanks could have been worse

    Chris......... Same here


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