Monday 27 June 2022



Hello Monday, hope you are a good one,it is time for some facts.

The vibration of shell-like rings on the end of a rattlesnake's tail make the rattling sound. The rattle is made up of dry hard pieces of skin. As the snake grows the number of rings increases, so the louder the rattle, the bigger the snake.

Once those who lived in the desert would use sand to clean dirty dishes.

The 7-ton Stegosaurus had a 2-ounce brain

A snail can sleep for 3 years.

There are 8 peas in the average pod.


  1. Sleep 3 years!????!!!! Lord have mercy!

    That's fun to know about the pea pod.

  2. Snails can sleep for 3 years? I can't stand snails and slugs. They eat my flowers and veggies and I just wish the birds would just eat them. I'd get ducks as a pet, but I have a bird dog - that wouldn't work too well.

  3. Sleeping for three years seems a good idea at the moment. Maybe I'm a secret snail.


  4. All good ones I didn't know! :)

  5. Amazing to know that snails can sleep for 3 years. Just imagine, if humans can sleep like snails, there will be less consumption of food.

  6. I wish I could sleep for three hours straight, never mind three years. LOL.

    I knew about sand "washing" the dishes, though, from watching an episode of the original Star Trek series as a child, decades ago. Can't think of the episode title off hand, though. :-)

  7. Katie........I know what the hell 3yrs is a bloody long time

    Debby.......I don't like them much either

    Janie......I sleep a lot too

    Rita.......Now you know

    Nancy......That's for sure

    Kea.......I get that & I also knew about the sand and dishes

  8. I knew the stegosaurus one. I've been running into their descendants all over social media lately...

  9. Chris.............Hell yeah, I get that


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