Monday 13 June 2022


Hello everyone on this Monday morning, and being Monday means it is fact day.

The highest cliffs in the world are in Hawaii, they rise just over 1,000 metres or 3,281 feet from the sea. If you threw a stone from the top it would take about 15 seconds before you hear the splash.

A company in Taiwan used to make dinnerware of of wheat

A “walla-walla” scene in a film is one where the people in crowd scenes pretend to be talking in the background. When they are saying “walla-walla” it looks like they are talking.

Armoured knights used to raise their visors to identify themselves to the king when they rode past. This custom became the modern salute.

Leonardo da vinci invented scissors.


  1. Never knew that about the “walla walla” scenes - and to think I always thought they were really tasty onions that grew in Walla Walla, Washington here in the States.

  2. Thanks for the great facts, I didn't know any of them. I'm going to have my eye on background extras now, watching them "talk." LOL.

  3. Interesting facts. I didn't know about the "walla-walla" thing.

  4. "Walla walla...." Sounds like a bunch of Minions!

  5. Debby........Something neew to me too



    Kea..........You're welcome

    Nancy........Same here

    Chris.........Oh yeah it does

  6. THAT is fascinating about the walla walla! And about the scissors! And the knights...who knew? Loved these.


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