Tuesday, 14 June 2022


Well it is Tuesday yet again and today let's look at the Cuvier's Beaked Whale.

The Cuvier's beaked whale or goose-beaked whale is the most widely distributed of all beaked whales in the family Ziphiidae. It is smaller than most baleen whales yet large among beaked whales. Cuvier's beaked whale is pelagic, inhabiting waters deeper than 1,000 feet.

Scientists have recorded them diving to a depth of nearly 3 kilometres and staying underwater for 2hrs and 17 minutes, which is the deepest and longest dive recorded for any mammal in the world.

Cuvier's beaked whales can reach lengths of about 15 to 23 feet and weigh 4,000 to 6,800 pounds. There is no significant sexual dimorphism in regards to body size for this species. Cuvier's beaked whale is medium-sized with a round and robust body and a triangular falcate dorsal fin located far down the animal's back.


Margaret D said...

Thanks Jo-Anne, didn't know of this whale.

Rita said...

Never heard of this whale. Odd looking but impressive breath holding! :)

Ramblingon said...

I have never heard their name before. VERY interesting.

CWMartin said...

My fuzzy eyes thought that said, "Culvers" (which is a burger chain here), and I wondered about having a whale burger...

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Margaret.....Same here

Rita.............Yep it is


Chris.......That would be strange


  Thursday again after a few interruptions I am again doing word of the week, this weeks word is “pedagogy”. Which is the science of teaching.