Tuesday 21 June 2022



Tuesday has arrived and I am still here, struggling through each day. The next few Tuesdays will see me tell you a little about some giants of the past. Let's start with the Thunderbird.........

Imagine a bird taller than an emu and five times as heavy, this flightless bird would sound like thunder thumping through the bush. It had big, powerful legs with enormous claws, it also had a big strong beak, which it used to eat nuts, fruits and maybe small animals.


  1. Would be rather awesome to have seen one then on the other hand it would be a bit frightening.

  2. Cool to read about but I’d be afraid to see one in real time.

  3. Margaret.........I would be scared shitless

    Debby.........I agree

    Mama......It is

    Karen........Oh yeah

  4. Interesting big bird but I wouldn't want to be any where near it.

  5. I get struggling... day three of sinus debacle. But, God's grace we get by. I wonder if Thunderbird is good fried?


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