Wednesday, 15 June 2022




Published: February 2006

When I scratched my knee,
Or if I bumped my head,
When I was afraid of the dark,
Or that thing under my bed,
When I cried in the night,
Or even in the day,
You were there for me
To make it all okay.

You tickled my feet
And laughed at all my jokes.
You taught me to believe
In having high hopes.
You are my father.
You did what you had to do,
But more than a father
You are my friend, too.
You made everything good
That was once bad.
I just want you to know
I love you, Dad.



diane b said...

A lovely poem but it is sad to remember our late fathers. Hope you are okay.

Людмила Кишкунова said...

Очень доброе стихотворение! Спасибо!

Margaret D said...

Nice poem Jo-Anne.

Karen BakingInATornado said...

A beautiful tribute to dads just before Father's Day.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I am pleased all liked the poem

menopausal mama said...

This is so sweet---I'll be sure to share it with my hubs!

Rajani Rehana said...

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