Sunday 10 February 2019

The week that was No 6

Well here I am starting another week that was post, Tim lost his expensive pair of prescription sunglasses, he isn't happy and said he isn't going to replace them, well not at the moment.

Monday saw me wake up feeling not the best so I skipped my aqua class around 10.30 I started to feel a bit better. Parts of the country are flooded not good at all other parts are still drought affected.

Tuesday I went to the falls program at Rankin Park that went well the best bit was that I was able to pick up a taxi subsidy application form at the after exercise talk. My dad was doing better today the doctor even said if he continues like he is he may be able to go home.

Wednesday on the Sunrise program they talked about how Aussie kids are speaking like Americans due to the influence of American TV shows and movies.
A couple of weeks back we bought Natasha a work desk online from Officeworks and when she got it today and put it together it was way too small. She knew it was a student desk but it is more like a small child's desk. She is going to return it.

Friday saw me not going to Charlie shopping because I had no way to get home so I stayed home.

Also Friday morning I was called into the kitchen by Leo to go and see a crime scene where the lollypop killed the bbq sauce bottle, by stabbing it with a straw, Leo has a good imagination.

For the first time on Friday Leo walked home from school with a friend who is in high school, it went well and his mum has agreed to let him walk home from school on the days he doesn't come here. This came about because Natasha attended the funeral of her neighbour who passed away last month.

Let's finish this week off with Saturday's news, Tasha at last returned the desk and got our money back now for her dad to get it from

Tim did manage to a free desk for her from Facebook buy, sell & swap which she is really happy with.

Saturday afternoon saw Tim busy working out the back yard, he bought a new shed so he spent some time working on the ground to get it ready to put the new shed up. He is laying pine logs at the moment. Leo has spent some time helping him.

Yes Leo was here all day and also tonight while his mum is working.


  1. Well at least when you didn't go to the shop you didn't spend any money :)
    Tim's sunglasses, yes they can be expensive if you buy dear frames.

  2. New desk, new shed things are going well. Hope you get to the shops next week, Good news about Leo. My grandson Fox is in episode two of "The Cry" showing on ABC tonight. He is seen eating an ice block and also in the main stars imagination in a kind of foggy scene. We are very proud.

  3. What is a new taxi subsidy? And what do you mean kids are talking like American kids - their accents or their words? Interesting week - I hope you feel better. sandie

  4. All right, I have to ask at this point- what is "Charlie shopping"? And glad to hear Dad's bouncing back yet again!

  5. Busy week. Glad you dad is doing better. I don't know what Charlie shopping is, either. And am also curious as to how the kids sound American. :)

  6. Margaret......Yes not spending money is good

    Diane.........Oh how exciting for Fox and all of you, yes both Tim & Tasha are happy with their new things

    Sandie......The taxis subsidy is a scheme were some people can get a discount on taxi fares, both with American accents and how they say certain words

    Chris.......My bad Charlie is short for Charlestown, Charlestown Square is a big shopping complex. Yes dad is bouncing back

    Rita......Australian's say Zed American's say Zee it is words such as that, that Aussie kids are saying different and some are speaking with an American accent, well that is what some report says. Charlie is short for Charlestown and Charlestown Square is were I go shopping

  7. Yup. Regional accents even in the US change because of TV and movies. People spend too much time watching it.

  8. Katie......It wasn't a problem when I was a child or when my girls were little


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