Monday 11 February 2019

Did you know No 6

Good morning all it is a lovely day here in Newie not hot just warm. Well since it is Monday it is did you know day.

If you ask someone to think of a card the most common answer is the four of spades.

In 1963 a baseball picher Gaylord Perry said publicly “They'll put a man on the moon before I hit a home run”. On the 20th July 1969 four hours after Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon Gaylord Perry hit his first and only home run.

The crowd at the Wimbledon Tennis championships eat 27,000 kilograms of English strawberrie in a fortnight.

Stone Age life wasn't all fun and games, our ancient ancestors wore the skulls of their dead as mementos and ate elephants raw. In the coldest winters they would smear their bodies with grease to keep warm. Really how does anyone know this.........

Dick Whittington was a real person. He made a fortune selling cloth, becoming rich enough to lend money to the King of England. He was a Member of Parliament and became Lord Mayor of London three times. He also left the city of London a school and a hospital in his will.


  1. Interesting facts that I do not know of. Our weather here is sunny and hot. Have a wonderful new week!

  2. Always do find these interesting. :)

  3. The Gaylord Perry thing is so cool! I saw something that would fit right in with that last night. One team started their backup goaltender because it was his birthday. He faced over 50 shots, becoming only the second goalie in 32 years to face 50+ shots on his birthday. The other one was the regular goaltender!

  4. I enjoyed reading about Dick Whittington! Who knew and boy, are you right about the stone age people and what they were supposed to be doing. Who can anyone tell? King of Spades for me.

  5. Those are some great facts. I enjoyed hearing them. You have a good evening.

  6. Nancy.......It is another stinking bloody hot day here in Newie


    Rita......I am glad

    Chris......Yes I thought it was awesome, and that about the goaltender is also interesting

    Katie......I am pleased you liked the post

    Marg........I am to please my readers+

  7. I love the baseball one, it's actually a pretty funny coincidence.


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