Wednesday 13 February 2019

No post yesterday and today an update about dad

Hello everyone, no post yesterday after the falls program the occupational theapist drove me home so she could check over the house in order to put in a request for some hand rails in the bathroom and at the front door for me.

After she left I had lunch followed by a lay down then Leo arrived home from school. It was a stinking hot day with a temp of 36°c. The falls program is good but my knees really sting afterwards.

Monday afternoon I received a text from mum telling me that dad was really sick again, the nurse wanted to ring the ambos but both mum & dad said no. So she rang and spoke to their doctor who rang and spoke to dad's GP who said he would prescribe more antibiotics for him and go out to the house and check on him.

Mum said she became upset when the nurses started saying to her that dad would likely die over night, he didn't........

When I spoke to mum last night she said that dad had improved a tad over the day and that Monday night he had a great nights sleep.


  1. I'm told hand rails are a good idea, we have them in the caravan at the top of the steps, very helpful.

    Hope your dad soon improves Jo-Anne.
    The reason the nurses would tell your mum what she did is because they prepare the spouse or relatives/friends for what might happen, even though it's upsetting at the time.
    The Dr. told me similar when my mum was very was to prepare me and my dad at that time :)

  2. Hi Jo-Anne - getting older is so difficult ... I'm pleased to see your father has improved and your mother is coping. Good luck with things - and I'm sure those handrails will help enormously ... take care - Hilary

  3. I think I've learned to have more faith in your dad than they do

  4. Margaret........Yeah I know they wanted to prepare mum for what might happen, she didn't, she just thought they wanted to frighten her

    Hilary.......Yes dad is still holding on and bouncing back, I also think hand rails would be good to have

    Chris......Thank you, he keeps bouncing back

  5. It is very hard when our parents get older - and doubly hard when we aren't feeling well to take care of them. Hugs.

  6. Life can be tough as we grow older. Good to know that your dad is better now

  7. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    In general there is no one who can better judge a spouse, than the other spouse.
    So glad he improved just a tad!
    Why can some people be so bossy?!

  8. Sandie......Yes it is hard and I hate that I can't help

    Nancy.....That's for sure

    Mariette.....I agree, dad has good days, not so good days and down right awful days but he is still with us


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