Tuesday 19 February 2019

Gross Facts No7 Sewage pt2

Here we are at another Tuesday, and looks like it is going to be another hot day, Leo didn't want to go to school, all he would say was he had a bad day yesterday and he felt emotional. I didn't pry much he will tell me when he is ready.

Anyway here is part 2 of gross sewers, because we all like gross facts, don't we.............

Before toilet paper was widely available, rich people used wool, lace or hemp to wipe their bottoms, while the poor used rags, leaves, sand or just their hands. Gross indeed

If you use a composting toilet, micro-organisms break down the sewage into compost......

The average person will go to the toilet about 2,500 times a year and spend
3yrs on the loo in their lifetime.
The toilet nearest the entrance in a public toilet is likely to be the cleanest because it is used least often.

Rats are good underwater swimmers and can swim up pipes and into toilets

In New South Wales, Australia so many frogs invade the public toilets that the toilets once stopped working


  1. I did know a couple of these.
    People have to go. Always wonder how they do that in different time periods--different cultures.

  2. I think I've blown my 2500 trips this morning...

  3. I think as we grow older, the trips to toilets increases.

  4. If a rat swam up into my toilet it wouldn't matter what he did next because I'd have a heart attack and die.

  5. Rita........Yes sometimes we forget that toilet paper hasn't always been around

    Chris........Yeah we all have days like that'

    Nancy........That's for sure

    Katie..........I know

    Karen.........Yeah I get that


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