Tuesday 26 February 2019

Gross Facts No 8

Good afternoon all, this morning I had the falls program today they talked about how to pick yourself up if you happen to fall. I said you couldn't have told me this last week before I fell on Friday morning.

Anyway it is Tuesday, so it is gross facts day, again I am spliting it into two posts......

Every time you flush the loo, you can send an invisiblie plume of bacteria into the air that lands on exposed surfaces, so close the lid before you flush.

The toilet is not the dirtiest place in the bathroom, the sink is. The sink has like 20,000 germs per square centimetre but the toilet has only 20 germs per square centimetre.

Locals in Florida, USA found that Cuban tree frogs had swum up the pipes into toilets.

A kitchen chopping board has 200 per cent more bacteria than the average toilet seat.

Mice can squeeze through cracks as small as 6mm to get into your house and nest under the floor on in the ceiling.


  1. I knew about the toilet flushing thing but still don't remember to close the lid--LOL! So many places for germs. We never worried much about germs when I was a kid, though, and we survived.

  2. So many gross facts that are new to me. I have seen mice squeeze through a small crack under the door into my house.

  3. So next blog post how to get up after you fall!

  4. I learned about closing the lid about 10 years ago thank goodness.

  5. I had a good comment but Rita had the same one... maybe you should take a poll to find how many closed lid flushers read here...

  6. Well that kitchen chopping board one has me terrified.

  7. Rita......I always close the lid has became a habit, I don't worry much about germs

    Nancy......Yeah it is weird how mice can squeeze through


    Katie.....Yeah I saw something on TV about it years ago myself

    Chris......If you can remember to do it enough it becomes a habit

    Karen.......I wash mine in the dishwasher

  8. Dear Jo-Anne, thanks for these facts. We are to close the toilet lid before flushing, but what do we do about the sink? Peace.


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