Thursday 18 April 2024

Working Life in 1890's Australia


Throughout the 1890’s conferences had been held about the six colonies forming a federation, workers formed a large part of those who voted yes to the idea in the referendums held about it, the federation was formed on 1 January 1901.

Changes in Australian import and export affected waterside workers, as in they had more work.

As local manufacturing of clothing increased many women found work in factories.

The blacksmith was a familiar figure in city and towns when the horse was the main means of transport.

Women’s domestic work whether as a paid servant or a wife, mother or daughter was seen as a basic occupation. The telephonist back before it all went automatic was a new job mainly held by women.

Bread was known as the “staff of life” and during the 1890’s it was considered an important trade.

The increase in building work made trades such as carpentry and stonemasonry so important. Carpentry was used not only in the building of buildings but also in the creating of bridges, and fine furniture.

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  1. Much has changed for the better for working people in the following hundred years.

    In Vienna it is now 00.12.. good night Jo-Anne

  2. Interesting that Federation helped employment...

  3. Seems like the federation really helped in the beginning. Especially giving women jobs. Here, it became a big problem in later years.

  4. The industrial revolution changed the job market considerably. I am glad there are craftsmen who still pass on those skills so they aren't lost!

  5. I have enjoyed this history lesson, Jo-Anne, and I'm looking forward to what might come next. Blessings!

    1. I will be thinking about what to do next over the next few days, I am pleased people liked these posts


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