Monday 28 December 2020

Last of the Christmas Fact

Another Monday, more facts as the year draws to a close.

The tradition of nailing Christmas stockings near a fireplace came about in order to help Santa have a place to stuff candies and goodies for bright and cheerful children of the world. It also serves as an endless supply of socks for Santa.

No Christmas is complete if you and your kids don’t wear adorable Christmas sweaters. But did you know that a large part of the world has contests like the ‘best Christmas sweater competition’? When kids wear cute Christmas sweaters, they look adorable and they make beautiful memories to cherish forever.

Did you know that Santa does not simply ignore the children who have been bad throughout the year? He puts pieces of coal into the child’s stocking instead of gifts! This tradition started in Italy. Yet another important reason for children to be good through the year and do as many good deeds as they can!

One of the most fun rituals of Christmas is the exchange of Christmas cards. You can ask your child to make your own cards with embellishments of his choice. By giving Christmas cards, they can convey their feelings to the person they like and wish them well.

he traditional Christmas meal in England before turkey became the obvious choice of food for the holidays was a pig’s head covered with mustard.

There are many traditions and customs your kids can partake in the happiest time of the year. Remember to involve them in as many rituals as you can, be it decorating the tree and house or making plum cakes. The festivities begin at home and will be treasured by your children for years to come.


  1. Its nice to read how children love to put up big Christmas stocking waiting for Santa to fill up with presents and goodies. I am sure they would be too excited to sleep thinking of what Santa would bring. Merry Christmas, Jo Anne.

  2. Oh, I'll pass on the mustard-covered pig's head. Eeeewwww! LOL.

    Thanks for these; I hope you had a good Christmas. Here's to a happier, more hopeful 2021.

  3. Not even a chocolate covered pig's head...

  4. Nancy.......So true

    Kea......Me too so gross

    Chris........Nope and I wouldn't eat it if therle was


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