Sunday 6 December 2020

First Week of December


I woke just before Tim's alarm went off at 6.30 so I got up then. Tasha arrived a few minutes later to throw a load of washing and dressed me while she was here.

Another stinking hot day turned the air con at 7.30.

Woke at 6.06 and got up and opened the house up and was washed with clean teeth when she arrived.

Not as hot today thankfully.

Leo's driver rang told Jess that he will be late as he woke to find he had two flat tyres. I sent him a text asking him to let me know when he is here, he said ok.

Leo here at 8am for a change. Brian arrived at 8.35am to get Leo.

Leo's early day home by 2.20pm.

I was up at 6am and Tasha arrived just after to throw a load in the machine before giving me a shower

Another hot day had to turn the air con on

Tim on afternoons yet again

Sue's Chrisco gift cards came here, so I rang her and let her know. Less drove her over to get them.

She looked thin and older then her years.

I am in a bad way due to the shaking and seating and of course the pain in my left knee.

Woke to the alarm going off, struggled to get out of bed but did it.

Not as hot today, a nice breeze is blowing through the house.

I am feeling like shit, all this shaking and needing to get up and down every few seconds or minutes. Then there is the seating from head to foot all the bloody time.

Spoke to Mum she was good better then me.

I had a shocking nights sleep kept waking from weird dreams that of course I can't remember.

Was raining when I went to go with Leo to meet his driver, so Tasha had to go with him.

A coolish day with me dripping in sweat again.

Spent a lot of time working on Christmas cards and wrote one letter.

Mum was ok although at 15 mins into chat she had to go and take a call from the doctor's surgery. Turned out to be Andrew her doctor ringing to tell her about her last lot of blood tests. They showed her kidneys were shutting down and he wanted her to stop taking one medication because of that.

Friday at last, I woke at 4.10am unable to breath I thought the cotton wool I have against the side of my nose had moved but no my nose was blocked, I applied chest rub under my nose and that fixed the problem.

Saw GP and got a referral to see another neurologist this will cost a small fortune but both Tim & I as well as my GP feel that I have undiagnosed Parkinson's.

Jess & Kelli helped me get ready for bed.

Tim laying carpet squares in the kitchen, as well as replacing the plastic mat under my computer chair to try and make it better for me and stopping it from moving.

Woke at 6ish got up sometime later but before 7am, lucky for me Tasha turned up with a load of washing. So she was able to get my breakfast.

Kathy-Lee & girls turned up at 9ish and gave me a shower. She also ironed Tim's work clothes and Jess work shirt for me.

Another hot day, turned the air con on at midday.

Jess told her dad she has changed her mind about trip to Canberra in January this has upset me.

I feel things I want never pan out.


  1. I wish it would cool off for you, but I know it's your summer. We are chilly.


  2. I hope yo can get your problems sorted with another specialist as I have several friends with Parkinsons and they are doing quite well with medication.

  3. I hope that the Parkinson's if that is what it is, is diagnosed properly and medication prescribed for it, Several of our Cat Blogashpere bloggers have Parkinsons and their meds help tremendously. I am really wanting you to get some help for that shaking and for the sweating. I don't know if that is a symptom of Parkinsons or not but you deserve help and quickly.

  4. Maybe if it's Parkinson's you could get some proper medication and help. So frustrating for you.

  5. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Gosh, what another week of struggle and misery for living in uncertainty. One wonders if the meds they prescribe, are doing ANY good for you?! Also, in regard to your excessive sweating, you really have to dive into the negative side affects of caffeine. That is a scientific fact as it does also interfere with several meds.
    You don't need to ADD to the problem, so be sure to mention that and try to get to the bottom of its possibility.
    Wishing you luck - be strong and persistent!

  6. Janie...Yes Summer here so hot tot hoot

    Rosie.....Only time will tell what the new doc will say

    Katie........I tried some Parkingson's meds in 2015 and didn't help but willing to try again

    Rita.....Yes maybe

    Mareitte.....I know , you're right

  7. Man what a crappy week! I can see how a week like that would bring you down, but remember that God still has a hand on you.


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