Sunday, 24 November 2019

From Sunday to Saturday in my Life

Up at 6am again, Tim got up at 7.25 complaining he was late when I checked the roster it said he started at 7.45, so yeah he was running late.
Been another hot day, I am dripping in sweat.

Spent ages doing Chrisco orders but I will need to ring them tomorrow as the headstart didn't roll over.

Jess dropped off her work clothes this afternoon.

Another early start to the day up at 6am again although I was awake at 5am when Tim got up.

I went to aqua before I went to the doctors for a care plan review. Tim drove me to the doctors.

While at Mount Hutton I went to Millers for mum.
I have lost 16.5kilos in 4 months according to the doctor, although according to my scales I have lost 19 kilos.

Mum didn't ring me so at 5pm I rang her, she was upset because David hid Dawson's ipad and Mum & Dawson couldn't find it, it was in Sue's room under a pillow. He hid it because Dawson ate what David considered his biscuits. Mum said she felt that Dave & Sandy were acting like children.

Awake and up at 5.30am just before Tim, it is suppose to be another hot day.
Had the air con on from 10am.
Jess took forms back to Whitebridge High.
Mum & Dad's wedding anniversary.
Leo here tonight.

Up at 5.50am this morning Leo was already awake.
Chrisco came at 9am for all of us, Natasha came and collected hers and stored some things in my freezer.

I had a lay down but I didn't sleep.
Mum said she has felt sad all day, I said it may be because yesterday was her wedding anniversary, she said that could be the reason.

I woke at 1am feeling sick in the gut and I ended up throwing up.
I dragged myself out of bed at 6.30am I managed to get dressed. However, I still not feeling good.

Had a moment when Tasha had to come down and make me some toast with honey.
Had a bath and had to call Tasha and get her help get dressed.
Leo is here tonight of course.
Up at 5.45am this morning, it is nice getting up so early.

Going to be another hot day temps in the 30's.

I turned the air con in the kitchen on before I left home, when I got home I found the air cons in the bedrooms were on. I think Blain turned them on.

I am fed up with my right arm and body shaking so bloody much. This afternoon I am just over it.

Awake at 5.45am up at 6am and by 6.15 I was dressed for the day and dripping in sweat but it is not hot it is lovely and there is a slight breeze.
I thought the running hot and cold was over but I was wrong during the last month it has returned.

Tim went and bought us all Macca's for breakfast.
Kathy and the girls came over with shopping and while here Summer helped me put up some Christmas decorations.

Tim drove Leo home this afternoon.
Well I guess it is time to post this


Rita said...

Sorry you are still having the hot and cold and feeling lousy. I hope that gets better soon.

Rosie said...

You have done well to lose some weight. I don't seem to lose it no matter what I do but think I probably have to be a bit more committed to it. Hope you can get the problem of your hot and cold sweats solved.

CWMartin said...

It seems like we work hard to get our bodies past something, and the minute we take a breath, it's back. I had to look up Chrisco, obviously it wasn't my company lol

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Rita......Me too

Rosie......Yes it does feel good to lose weight, doctors don't know what is causing the hot and cold sweats

Chris......Yeah Chrisco may be an Aussie thing, I don't know

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