Sunday 28 August 2022

WEEK34 OF 2022

 A good night but woke to see a bunch of messages written on the family chat by Tim and the girls mostly from Tim having s rant about how hard his life is and no one understands. I am worried about his mental health.

Had a talk to Tim about his mental health Tasha was here while it was all going on. He got angry and defensive. I don't know if anything sunk in, only time will tell.

His mood improved during the day, he also managed to do the back yard.

Up at 6.05 this morning after a good nights sleep,Tasha in a good mood till she over heard something Kathy said about their dad. I had to explain that it wasn't how Tim said it was, just how he is seeing things lately. Everything is negative in his eyes lately and no one cares about him.

Workmen arrived to look over the area the ramp will go in and also what needs to be done to the bathroom. They said the work should be started soonish.

Tash & Jess bought me some small packets of gummy type lollies which I like.

A new day and my eye is starting to feel more like it should, thus I am feeling more like I should.

At am the workmen arrived to start work on the tree damaged. They removed the sliding door and replaced it as well as doing shit load of other work.

They also removed part of the awning much to Tim's annoyance. Whether or not it will be replaced I don't know,only time will tell.

Another good night but much colder this morning.

Coughing a lot but my eye is much better.

Leo back at school after having a few days off due to his driver having Covid.

Sandy came over for a visit she was here for 1.5hrs and it was great seeing her. She left with a box of snacks for her girls.

Got a text about an appointment at Westmead Hospital with the movement disorder people, it is at 8.30am on the 14th November.

Slept well till 2am till I needed to pee after that I was somewhat restless. Got up at 5.50am.

At 1.30pm bloke turned up to look at the bathroom, he will be back next Thursday to commence work on the renovations. They are supplying a porta loo and shower, that will be fun.

Up early today woke at 5.40am and felt awake so I got up. I also stunk so I had a shower, h ad to get Tasha to help me get my pants on but other than that I did ok on my own.

I have pathology coming to take blood from me. She turned up at 7.40am.

A coldish day with rain.

Tim rang around 3pm to tell me that 2 blokes got on his bus with a case of bourbon and when they started to drink it he had to tell them they couldn't drink on the bus. That didn't go well and the police were called, one of them showed Tim that he was carrying a long knife in his pants and said he would stick him. This is distressing for me, once being a bus driver was a safe job but not anymore. I think it is time for him to find a new job.

A decent night, up at 5.55am I have a bloody headache.

Kathy not coming today she is too busy.

Tim off today thankfully he needs the day off.

Had no help this morning but managed.


  1. I really can understand Tim feeling like the Huns are encircling him, and it wouldn't help having to work amongst the idiots in public service. You all have had a rough couple of years. I have enough trouble dealing with my stuff were it not for Jesus, I'd be a wreck without Him. I'll keep him on the ol' prayer list.

  2. CHris.........Tim isn't handling things well at the moment and has a habit of over thinking stuff and thinking everyone is out to get him


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