Saturday, 13 August 2022

WEEK 32 OF 2022


Managed to sleep in till 7am which is good.

Kathy rang she is sick and may not be over, which is ok with me.

Well Kathy arrived at 11ish but looked awful sick so didn't stay or do anything while here.

Tim did some food shopping.

Sunday at last, home alone as per usual, managed to do a few things on the computer, including a blog update.

Had to get help with lunch but managed ok on my own.

Had a so so night somewhat restless but not too bad, up at 5.10am.

Jess took Leo to his paediatric appointment only to find out it was on the 2nd not the 8th.

Sandy came over to see me she had Temika with her.

Had a good day.

Had another good night sleep didn't need to bother Tim at all.

Another good start to the day managed a few things before my eye started watering.

Had a good day ending with a shower.

A good night but a watery start with my eye, very frustrating. I can barely see.

Can't do much today due to my eye.

Had a rough night from 2.20am ended up get up getting up at 5.15am.

My eye is bad, I want to see a Dr about it but finding someone to take me isn't easy. Appointment made for next Wednesday at 9.24am.

Managed to do the shopping online with issue.

Had a good night but yet again my eye is like a dripping tap.

Kathy said her household is full of sick people.

Tim ran the vacuum over the floor before leaving for work.

A cold and wet day.


Debby said...

When it rains, it pours. I hope you and everyone else start to feel better soon. And maybe some sunshine for the next few days - that always perks up my spirit.

CWMartin said...

So did they do anything about your ceiling/roof yet?

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Debby........That's for sure, just one thing after another here lately

Chris.........Nope still waiting

Katie Isabella said...

Jo-Anne, I wish (and I mean it) that I could wave my magic wand and make the things you need, HAPPEN!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Katie........Thanks for that, I wish I could do the same


  Thursday again after a few interruptions I am again doing word of the week, this weeks word is “pedagogy”. Which is the science of teaching.