Monday, 29 August 2022


 Another Monday but at last I can see ok now, well it's Monday so it is facts day and here they are.

The length of the finger dictates how fast ones fingernails grow, so the nail on the middle finger grows fastest....Not on my hands it is my thumbnail that grows fastest.

In September 1752 the “Julian” calendar was replaced with the “Gregorian” calendar in Great Britain and its American colonies.

The Julian calendar was 11 days behind so the 14th September followed 2nd September on the day of the change. The days between 3rd and 13th September 1752 never happened.

A mining hole in the mountains of Bohemia produced so much silver it became the official source of coinage for the entire Holly Roman Empire. The mine was in a valley called Joachimsthal and the coins became known as “Joachimstalers” which was shortened to “Talers” and over more time the American pronunciation of the word became “Dollars”

A fresh egg sinks in water and stale ones float.


CWMartin said...

1- My thumbs too.
2- I bet I'll wish the week of 8-28-2022 never happened by Friday...
3- Very interesting about the $.
4- The egg thing I knew. Never tested, but knew.

Margaret D said...

New the egg one. The nail one I'd agree with.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Chris..........Glad you liked the post

MArgaret.........I was shown the egg thing by my mum and have done it many times

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