Monday, 8 August 2022



Good morning I am feeling better in myself except for the watering eye.

During the middle ages there was on average one church for every 200 people.

The worlds largest alphabet is the Cambodian one with 74 letters.

Martin Luther King Jr was originally named Micheal like his father at the age of 5 his father changed both their names to Martin.

Birds played a role in aerial warfare during WW1, because of their acute hearing parrots were kept on the Eiffel Tower to warn of approaching aircraft long before the planes were heard or seen my humans.

The top 109 highest mountains in the world are in Asia with 96 of them being in the Himalayas.


Katie Isabella said...

Loved every one of these. Had NO idea at all about the parrots!

Kea said...

I didn't know any of these! It's good to see you post again. I've been having issues with Blogger and Feedly, so I was starting to wonder if yours was yet another blog that wasn't making it through to my feed anymore.

Anyway, thanks for these and take care.

CWMartin said...

That MLK one is interesting... heading to look into it!

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