Saturday, 13 November 2021


 Another day of struggle is here, how exciting for me.

Managed to answer a couple of letters and decided to get out the Christmas cards so I can send them off as I answer letters.

However, when I went to get my Christmas stamps in order to decorate the envelopes I am unable to find them. They may be in the box of Christmas stuff in the shed. I will get Tim to check tomorrow.

Woke at 5.10 so a bit of a sleep in, I did sleep well.

Woke to rain, don't think Tim will not be checking the shed.

Wet all day more or less.

Kathy and family will be moving to the new house this weekend coming.

Awake and up at 4.35 again, feeling better then I have the last few days.

Chrisco came 2 boxes for me, 2 boxes for Kathy and 10 boxes Kelli. So my loungeroom has boxes stacked around my front door.

Kelli & Jono are storing frozen stuff in a small freezer they are also storing in Leo's room.

Another decent nights sleep, awake and up at 4.20am.

A much cooler day, with some rain.

Haven't done much today answered a couple of letters that's about all.

Damn I was wide awake early at 4am I laid there thinking what to do, I got up at 4.10am.

First thing I did was unpack the dishwasher, ok first thing was to empty my bladder, then unpack the dishwasher.

Leo sent home from school for being uncooperative this is a no medication day.

Answered another letter slowly getting through them.

Woke to the sound of rain and the need to pee, the sound of rain doesn't help the need to pee so I was up at 4.10, once up I stay up.

Had Daemon & Freya here for breakfast this maybe a regular thing now. We will see.

Another restless day for me.

Managed to answer another letter, but received 4 more.


  1. Is it usual in your area to send children home from school if they're not cooperating? In the U.S., most parents would have a fit if that were done.


  2. Glad you were sleeping so well all week. Makes such a difference. :)


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