Monday 22 November 2021


 Hello world, here we at another Monday so here are another few facts.

Light can travel around the Earth at its equator seven and a half times in one second.

Earth's oceans are an average of two miles deep

On his way home to visit his parents a college student fell between two trains at the station in Jersey City, New Jersey and was rescued by an actor on his way to visit a sister in Philadelphia. The student was Robert Lincoln heading to Washington, the actor was Edwin Booth the brother of the man who would murder the students father, President Abraham Lincoln.

Before ancient surgeons made their first incision, they would sometimes cover their patients with wet clay. They realised that sick people were often hot around the part of them that was causing trouble, as bodies heat up when they fight off diseases. When surgeons smeared clay they found it often dried quickest over the poorly body parts, thus giving them an idea where they should do their work.

Every time you lick a stamp, you're consuming one tenth of a calorie.


  1. There are so many weird stories involving the Lincoln assassination... I don't know if I heard that one before or not.

  2. I've heard the Edwin Booth story before. The world is certainly a strange place. Do you still have stamps that you lick? Ours have been the self-adhesive kind for quite a few years.


  3. The fact related to Lincoln is new to me. Oh dear, I have forgotten how many stamps I have licked in the old days.

  4. Dear Jo-Anne, where in the heck do you find these facts?????? They always, always intrigue me. And this week's especially. I never heard the story about Robert Lincoln and Booth, but absolutely believe it because there were so many astounding things that happened to the President or his family. He seemed to have been born under a special star.

    And the one about the ancient Greek surgeons fascinated me. Thank you so much. Now I have some really interesting factoids to share at the annual family Thanksgiving meal on Thursday. Peace.

  5. These are great facts. I'm glad I'm not living in ancient times, though. LOL.

    I remember licking stamps...some of them were tasty, others not so much! :-D

  6. Chris...........I hadn't heard it before either

    Janie...........we do have self sticking stamps but also the other ones

    Nancy...........Same here


    Dee...........I agree about Lincoln and I am so glad surery has improved

    Kea...........Me too


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